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Lumbridge Castle Grounds, Lumbridge, Misthalin, Gielinor, 20 past Rune.

A player had just arrived after finding various items in the Wilderness, and somehow survived. He was keen to make some money, and he believed he could here. The Castle Grounds were thriving with merchants, but there was one that this player found amusing, very amusing...

"sellin ashes 20gp, bones 50gp!"

Naturally, the player stood opposite this merchant, faced him and said "sellin soda ash 5gp, big bones 20gp!", despite only having the big bones, and not even wishing to sell them. The merchant, clearly new to the market shouted "sellin molten glas, 1gp, Dagnoth bones 5gp!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now the player played a difficult card. "sellin evrythin i got 100gp!!" Nobody seemed to have noticed, so the player was safe. Yet the merchant would not give up, and went too far...

"sellin account 90gp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rule 6: No account sharing/trading. The merchant's career was over, simply because of his determination to beat a direct opponent.

This story is only about how to advertise rubbish products, not how to sell them.