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Haha, my profile is totally not done and am a bit confused as to how to write a Wikipedia page. I'm really hyper while writing this, too, so please forgive my excess randomness. I'll probably put some of my art here. Or rather, they will be once I read up a bit on Wikipedia formatting. I'm a 21-year-old art student who lives in Rhode Island, but I look like I'm about 16 (I used to look 14, but then lost about 40 lbs and look a little older now). I've been on Runescape for a few years. It's one of my obsessions! Quite a few people have tried to get me to switch to Warcraft, but I think that's a HUGE waste of money. I prefer the attractive but simple graphics of Runescape, since it allows me to use my imagination :) . I need to go renew my R.S. membership (I don't go on as a free player anymore; people keep following me around and I only have eyes for Jack Frost!). Haha, I'm a silly fangirl, I know, but I think he's hot, along with being icy cold... and he's a young, rebellious punk in really tight pants *has a fit of fangirlishness*.

As you can probably guess, that info box is about my character. I guess I look a bit like a vampyre, though; I'm pale, I look much younger than I am, dress in dark, "G-Lol" clothes and have weirdly pointy teeth. People often think I've had them filed. Aaaaanyway... I can't cook in real life, but I love cooking on Runescape. I love drawing and I'm working on a Runescape doujin, but I just started it. It's not explicit and doesn't have profanity, but it has some rather mature themes, so I don't think I'll be linking directly to it here. I'd say it'll be rated 14+.

My protaganist is based on my Runescape character. Of course, since I'm a girl and my protaganist is also female, ignorant people immediately assume that she's a "Mary Sue". I don't buy into this "Mary Sue paranoia" that is often forced on writers, since "Mary Sue" has now apparently become an umbrella term for any competent heroine with a backbone. Yes, her personality is based on mine; I have good qualities and I have bad qualities. So does she. Is she idealized? Definately not. I'd like to do voice acting for Jagex; I think I could voice Vanescula Drakan pretty well, but I don't live in England, so I guess it'd be a bit of an impractical dream. I'm not really sure what else to say, so I'll be adding to this later! Bye, everyone...or me, since I'm probably the only one who is reading this.

Here is my DeviantArt page:

I'm writing my manga under the pen name Miss Elainie, because I'm so random. :D