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Total level: 1813
Attack 78Constitution 81Mining 69
Strength 82Agility 70Smithing 74
Defence 76Herblore 64Fishing 71
Ranged 81Thieving 74Cooking 78
Prayer 71Crafting 72Firemaking 72
Magic 81Fletching 79Woodcutting 89
Runecrafting 61Slayer 66Farming 65
Construction 71Hunter 68Summoning 67
Dungeoneering 53Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 108Quests 314
Music 696Tasks 300RuneScore ----
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Hey everyone, I'm Ader and I well... um... play RuneScape?

On a more serious note, welcome to my profile page! I really love RuneScape and everything about it. I started playing on the 22nd of January, 2007 (when I was... 8, lol). And before you ask, no I'm not whiny, I in fact, am more mature than those around my current age. A rare case, indeed. ;)