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Hello, I Am Addict Faith

You can call me Coltex as my friends call me, or Éric which is my birthname.

I Am 15 years old.

I live in Sweden and i speak:




Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Albanian/Montenegrian/Crnogorski Basically all the languages in Balkan

I also speak Arabic, French and Spanish

Yes i know alot of languages, but that is mostly because my parents are from different countries and i am gifted with the ability to learn quick.

You may add me on skype:


Here is some basic information about myself on runescape!

  • My character name is: o0 g4t0 00
  • My combat level is: 200
  • I Am an experienced Runescape player and i have been playing since 2002
  • I Am ALMOST maxed out a few skills missing
  • I Have completed almost all of the quests
  • I am part of the clan "Addicts" which are a rising clan in runescape most of us are maxed and we are #23 in the runescape clan hiscores the clan owner is "Addict Scott"
  • I Am a polite person and very social, i put my friends and other before myself and i am a gentleman ofcourse.
  • Currently i am in school, my dream is to become a professional Football Player and play for the German team Bayern Munich FC, my favorite footballer is Ronaldinho and i wish to become just like him or even greater, my dream may be a bit childish but i've never changed my goals and that is my only wish 
  • I like to help out ín every way i can, so i thought making guides will help people.
  • Last but not least Faith is a big part of my life Faith is the only thing that keeps me working toward my goals, Faith my friends Faith.