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Hi, I play as a character known as Adamoore. I am more of a mage for my combat. But I also am a non-combat and money-making kind of a guy. Sorry if my page is noobish, I just started.

History[edit | edit source]

I started playing Runescape about one year ago on the account, Adamoore. I had another account, Sparxx99, I no longer use him. Right when I got off Tutorial Island I became a member. Then my good friend, Knightgf, gave me some noobish member's items like, Full H.A.M., and some other noobish things. I have met many other good friends along my adventures.

Current[edit | edit source]

I currently still play Runescape. I have many goals right now, here they are:

1. I am currently on my way to 99 Woodcutting. I use a Rune axe on Yew trees. I think I will just stick with this until 99. Then, once I reach 99, I will sell all those yews, and save the money, it will come into play later on.

2. I will buy enough Willows for 99 Firemaking.

3. I will began to start 99 Fishing. I will probably just fish Lobsters until 99.

4. Then with all those Lobsters from 99 Fishing, I'll cook them for 99 Cooking. Then once that is all done, I will sell the cooked Lobsters.

5. Last but not least, 99 Construction. I will go for 99 Construction with all the money from the Yews and cooked Lobsters. I have had this goal from when this skill first came out. Right now, my house is designed EXACTLY like Knightgf's house, this will change. Once I get 99 Construction, I will name my house, "Rosethorn Manor". Then I might start a business called, "The Rose", it will be a hotel/restaraunt.