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Hello fellow RS players! My name is Adam Thomas and I've been playing Runescape off and on since late 2003.I am 19 years old. I started with Runescape Classic, I quickly fell in love with the game. My first account was Soultaker007 but in the summer of 2004, that account was hacked. Later that year, my second and current account was created. It is Soultaker616 an has been in use till this very day! Over the years, I have witnessed many changes in the game from the creation of Runescape 2(just called Runescape today), to the introduction of the first new members skill in years(Slayer), to the riots of 2007-2008(Go Jagex!), to the not-so-recent new skill, Summoning. It's been a long 6 and half years but I've never been completley bored with the game. There's just so much to do! Anyway, I plan to use my knowledge of the game and it's history to create new articles and help edit existing ones!

Here is me on a more personal level. I live in a small town in Louisiana and graduated from high school last year. I am currently attending a technical college in my small town and am majoring in computer programming. Video games come and go but Runescape is different than the rest. Unlike the mainstream MMO's,Runescape has one of the closest(and quite large) community of players not found in the fast paced world of other MMO's, I also enjoy collecting anime and manga and engaging in political debate. I am also an active member of the world's largest wrestling forum(look me up as Pandemic). I am an Atheist with Humanistic Satanist beliefs. I am also a self described classic liberal and don't belong to a party.

This is all for now although I may update this section later...........Guthix rules!!!!!!!!!!