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Zaros sighed. "Azzandra, My Faithful, is all well on my former Kingdom upon Gielenor?"

"Yes," he said, "This digger disguise that you came up really suits me. I'm glad that I have been able to reestablish contact with you, my Lord."

"Yes, I feel the same, My Faithful. Now, have you rallied any wielders of the sword, bow, or staff to fight upon my behalf?"

"I have... erm, a few."

"Their names?"

"Dethzorian of Edgeville, the swordsman, Zamakad the Ranger, of Al Kahrid, and Vol the Mage, of some small town called "Camelot", my Lord"

"That should be perfect. Are you ready to launch the attack upon Morytania, and take back that coward Zamorak's land, which is rightfully mine!?"

"Yes, my Lord!"

.-*`*-.~CHAPTER ONE~.-*`*-.

Azzandra and the Warrior, Ranger, and Mage began their trek from the Digsite to Morytania, which would not be easy, as in order to get to Morytania, Zamorak had set up a small army of mages blocking the only known tunnel to get across the Blessed river. As Azzandra and the troops neared the "fortress", they encountered an adventurer by the name of <insert name here>. "Who might you be, <insert name here>?" "I am the mighty <insert name here>, protector of Gielenor, and a 1337 adventureeaaakggh!" Before <insert name here> could finish its sentence, Azzandra used the powers of the Staff of Light, which he got from killing a Saradominist, wisely. As the four got to the fortress, the mages and monks began to cast spells upon them, nearly killing a passing adventurer.

Dethzorian ran in with full Torva, given to him by Azzandra, who got them from Nex, who got them from Zaros (same story for Zamakad and Vol, with their full Virtus and Pernix, and Zaryte bow, and Ancient Staff), and the Zaros godsword he had also gotten from Azzandra (same story), which Dethzorian used to kill most of the Mages, and Vol cast Fire Blast, killing most of the Monks, while Zamakad used some Dragon Fire Arrows to take out the survivors. Once they got into the building, they encountered a man by the name of Drezel. Upon finding out he was a Saradominist, promptly beheaded him, and took his spellbook, which they used to efficiently turn the Vampire to dust, which was hising in the coffin. Then, by casting multiple spells, Vol got into the portal room. Then, as the four entered the portal, they could almost hear Zamorak's pleas for mercy...

As they came out of the other side, Vol screamed.

"What's wrong?", Azzandra asked.

"I... I don't know..." replied Vol, in a daze.

At that very same moment, a man in red and black robes with a large cleaver jumped from a tree, taking Dethzorian by the throat with his cleaver. His hoob obscuring his face, the stranger with thin blue, bony hands said, in a somewhat gargled, ghastly voice,

"Death vobiscum, stulta Zarosians!"

Puzzled, not knowing the language that the... thing was speaking, Azzandra watched in a daze as he slit Dethzorian's throat, cast a spell upon him, knocking him unconsious.

Some time later, Azzandra awoke near a grave, with a Zarosian cross and black candles, near a mound of dirt, where Vol and Zamakad stood, bowing their heads as they lay a bunch of black roses and an Ancient Book on the grave of Dethzorian, their warrior.

"What happened?" Azzandra queried.

"He..." Zamakad stuttered.

"The hooded man slit Dethzorian's throat, and took his armour," Vol said, obviously in a state of intense sorrow from the tragic loss of his childhood friend.

Azzandra sighed. Maybe this wasn't the best idea, only taking three others. Maybe he had failed Zaros, the Lord. Maybe he wasn't worthy of the powers that Zaros, the Lord, had bestowed upon him, millenia ago.

"We best get a move on" Vol said.

"We don't want to run into Lucien again," he continued.

"Lucien!?" Azzandra yelled.

"The I-am-the-lord-of-the-mahjarrat-and-not-Zamorak-or-Zaros Lucien!?"

"That'd be the one," Vol said.

Azzandra sighed again. This was going to be much, much harder than he anticipated. Maybe he would have to kill Lucien for the Staff of Armadyl, in order to take back the Zarosian Lands...

To Be Continued...

That's it for Chapter I! Hope you liked it, because there is more to come!
Adam SavageTalk 14:00, January 30, 2011 (UTC)