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Zaros sighed. "Azzandra, My Faithful, is all well on my former Kingdom upon Gielenor?"

"Yes," he said, "This digger disguise that you came up really suits me. I'm glad that I have been able to reestablish contact with you, my Lord."

"Yes, I feel the same, My Faithful. Now, have you rallied any wielders of the sword, bow, or staff to fight upon my behalf?"

"I have... erm, a few."

"Their names?"

"Dethzorian of Edgeville, the swordsman, Zamakad the Ranger, of Al Kahrid, and Vol the Mage, of some small town called "Camelot", my Lord"

"That should be perfect. Are you ready to launch the attack upon Morytania, and take back that coward Zamorak's land, which is rightfully mine!?"

"Yes, my Lord!"

Table of Contents Chapter 1 (More coming soon!)