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Want to learn how to create and manage your very own signature?

Well, we here at SigSchool want to help you, <insert name here>, learn how to create your own custom signature.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

  • First off, lets open up a new tab, or a new internet browser. Remember to keep this one open!
  • Now that we have a new tab or browser open, lets open up another RuneScape Wiki page.
  • Now, log into the RuneScape wiki, if needed.
  • After that, hover over your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click "My preferences".
  • Scroll down, and you will see a box titled "Signature".
  • In the "Signature:" field, copy and paste this code:
{{subst:#ifexist:Template:Signatures/<YOUR USERNAME HERE>}}|{{subst:Nosubst|Signatures/<YOUR USERNAME HERE>}}|— [[User:<YOUR USERNAME HERE>|<YOUR USERNAME HERE>]] ([[User talk:<YOUR USERNAME HERE>|talk]])}}
  • After you replace <YOUR USERNAME HERE> with <insert name here>, then go to the search bar and type in
    Template:Signatures/<YOUR USERNAME HERE>
    , again replacing <YOUR USERNAME HERE> with <insert name here>.
  • Once you have that page loaded, edit that page.
  • Now, you are ready to create your own signature!

Designing your Signature[edit | edit source]

Basic[edit | edit source]

Basic, by far, the easiest to design. These signatures have no colourful border around the edges, just links and maybe an image or two, like mine: Adam SavageTalk. So, first link we need: User page. Lets add your userpage into the signature. Your page should look something like this:


with <YOUR USERNAME HERE> replaced with <insert name here>. Now, we have to make that look better, right? So, lets make the link to your userpage have your name. Now, it should look like this:


Don't forget to add <insert name here> where <YOUR USERNAME HERE> is placed, for everything in the future, because reminding you is getting tiresome.

So, once that is done, hit "Preview" at the bottom of the page. Do you like how it looks? Want to change the color? Okay, lets do that. You have to rename your link first, though! Lie this:

 [[User:<YOUR NAME HERE>|<span style=" color: color name"><CHANGED NAME HERE></span> 

And you are done! Unless you want to add an image.

If you want to add an image, then, before or after your or links, type in:

 [[File:<file here>.<file extension here>]] 

Now, make sure that the file exists. If it is a larger file, then add


or a smaller denomination to the file, after the file extension.

Now, you have an image, and a link to your user page!

Here is an example of a user who has their userpage linked in green and an image of a partyhat to the left, with a size of 15px.

Yellow partyhat detail.png Example

The coding for that signature is:

 [[File:yellow partyhat detail.png|15px]] [[User:Example|<span style=" color: green ">Example</span>]] 

Feel free to edit it as you wish, at your signature page.

Don't forget the first coding I told you about! If you listened, then the signature would look like this:

 [[File:yellow partyhat detail.png|15px]] [[User:Example|<span style=" color: green ">Example</span>]] {{subst:#ifexist:Template:Signatures/Example}}|{{subst:Nosubst|Signatures/Example}}|— [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]])}} 

I know, it is already getting a tad bit complicated. Not as complicated as this though:

 <!-- Begin Rainbow Sig with RBC -->
[[File:Rollback crown.svg|20px|link=Special:ListUsers/rollback]] [[User:Adam Savage|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>S</i></b></option><option><b><i>s</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User_talk:Adam Savage|<span style="color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT;font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>a</i></b></option><option><b><i>A</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User:Adam Savage/Guestbook|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>v</i></b></option><option><b><i>V</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User:Adam Savage/Friends List|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>a</i></b></option><option><b><i>A</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User:Adam Savage/Welcome|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Courier New; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>G</i></b></option><option><b><i>g</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User:Adam Savage/MyGP|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>e</i></b></option><option><b><i>E</i></b></option></choose></span>]][[User:Adam Savage/Skills|<span style= "color:<choose><option>#FF0000</option><option>orange</option><option>#FDD017</option><option>#22CC00
</option><option>#66AAFF</option><option>#571B7e</option></choose>; font-family:Old English Text MT; font-size:17px;"><choose><option><b><i>!</i></b></option><option><b><i>?</i></b></option></choose></span>]]