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You don't need to grind ashes to use them with the Ectofunctus.
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5 August 2021
5 Septober 169
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5 August
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How many quests a year would you be happy with?
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Results of the previous poll

Which of Dr Fenkenstrain's experiments is the best? (3,593 votes)

Wolf-woman — 15.2%; 546 votes
Spider-man — 29.8%; 1071 votes
Sheep-dog — 15.3%; 550 votes
They are ALL the best — 19.3%; 692 votes
None of them are the best. They are all gross. — 20.4%; 734 votes

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Khopesh of Tumeken detail.png

Khopesh of Tumeken

An ancient blade obtained from the Magister, detailed with inscriptions towards the God of the Sun.