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Total level: 1092
Attack 50Constitution 1Mining 64
Strength 48Agility 48Smithing 51
Defence 49Herblore 30Fishing 57
Ranged 45Thieving 38Cooking 61
Prayer 44Crafting 54Firemaking 52
Magic 59Fletching 50Woodcutting 60
Runecrafting 49Slayer 31Farming 42
Construction 45Hunter 30Summoning 30
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 60.1Quests 157
Music 365Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of Friday, 26 September 2008
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Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Adabow34.
P2P icon.png This user is a member.
2005 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2005.
Falador Teleport icon.png This RuneScape player respawns in Falador.
44+ All of this user's free skills are 44+.
30+ All of this user's skills are 30+.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
Assist icon.png This user is willing to assist other players in the game.
Private chat button.png This user has private chat on! Talk with me anytime.
Gilded throne icon.png This user has a player-owned house with details here.
Master thief's armband.png This user is a member of the Black Arm Gang.
Gnome (level 44).png This user is an ally with the Gnomes and an enemy of the Khazard forces.
Rune pickaxe.png
This user uses a Rune pickaxe.
Safe zone icon.png This user doesn't PK.
Quest icon fixed.png This user has completed all of the free quests.
Cook's Assistant icon.png This user has completed the Cook's assistant quest.
Doric's Quest icon.png This user has completed Doric's Quest.
Imp Catcher icon.png This user is an Imp Catcher, and retrieved all four beads to Wizard Mizgog.
Perils of Ice Mountain icon.png This user has learned how to make Pickaxes in the Perils of Ice Mountain quest.
Shears detail.png This user has completed the Sheep Shearer miniquest.
Rune Mysteries icon.png This user gained access to the Rune Essence mine after solving the Rune Mysteries.
Garlic.png This user is a real Vampire Slayer, and killed Count Draynor.
The Fremennik Trials icon.png This user is known to the Fremenniks as Raknor.
Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll.png This user is in the Champions' Guild.
Chef's hat.png This user is in the Cooks' Guild.
Brown apron.png This user is in the Crafting Guild.
Dragon battleaxe.png This user is in the Heroes' Guild.
Rune pickaxe.png This user is in the Mining Guild.
Holy symbol.png This user is in the Monastery.
Yew shortbow.png This user is in the Ranging Guild.
Saradomin symbol.png This user follows Saradomin.
Strength through wisdom.
Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.
Pyrefiend icon.png This user is a Grammar Fiend.
UTC+12 This user's time zone is UTC+12.
35px-Wikipedia-logo.png This user edits Wikipedia as Adabow.