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My main has been progressing nicely, despite losing some kit in a prayer accident at the Lessers (including my spare Rune full helm). Since I can usually get a rune med out of the Lessers for a load or two of food, rime to try a Day trip to the Greaters.

Kitting up[edit | edit source]

Greaters is dangerous, deep wilderness and multicombat, and my combat level put me in a very broad range there, pretty much anyone can attack me, and being multi, monster protection will not work.

So, I equip my three best pieces of rune, Scimitar, Plate & legs, then smith some Mithril for the full helm and kite, also have a strength ammy, cape, stronghold boots.

Low on food, so I take a few good pieces, plus some trout, and also a lobster cage, axe and tinderbox.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

I sneak furtively out of the east gate of Varrock, dodge by the woodyard, and creep up the east edge of the map, toward the fishing area, then get ambushed at around level 20 by three at about the same level, I stand my ground, but they are tag team experts, ending up beaten back to the ditch and barely surviving. Not even one inventory of anything good to go back with, otherwise I would have hunted them down.

Going back[edit | edit source]

Going message off, I change worlds, load up the remaining food, and begin the east side crawl a second time - catching sight of one warrior but they flee rather than attack. Made it to the fishing area and get loaded up nicely, then creep further up the east side.

Greater Demons[edit | edit source]

Turning west, into multicombat, nobody around - GOOD! What's this in front, aha!, it's a Greater Demon, have at it!

That was too easy, not much tougher than a Lesser. At this point, the Greaters are now tasting my scaimaitar as fast as I can close in on the next one, and the wide spacing gives time to take a bite before the next fight. Only geting coin piles from them, couple of hundred a go, while willing them to drop me a spare rune full.

Oh dear, company![edit | edit source]

Another Greater Demon killer?, no, I'm attacked, while still taking hits from a greater as well. Prayed, to avoid the multi-hits, and turned on my attacker, after a while breaking from the demon attacking me and trying to run him into one.

He calls on a passing level 55 to join in, and he prays, the level 55 doesn't, so I aim some attacks at the 55.

They say, "split the loot", 55 says "I take the scimmy". I'm losing, but I laugh. The 55 is weak, has poor, maybe no armour, so I turn my last few hits against the 55, who drops dead moments before I do.

Since they both attacked me first, I arrive in Lumbridge, carrying my Scimitar, Rune platebody and Rune legs.

On the floor in deep wilderness, lies my Mithril helm, Mithril shield, Mithril axe, one lobster that I failed to click in time to eat, and a strength pot with 1 dose remaining, plus the meagre loot I'd collected to that point.

Looking back[edit | edit source]

One thing I do take away from that encounter, is concern about using other combat styles.

The warrior can 3 item when going deep, so long as skulling is avoided, but this is not an option for the mage, or the ranger in F2P, as the mage requires runes and the ranger requires projectiles, unless using a crystal bow.

Sure, the mage has an advantage in attacking armour, but unless they can maintain a standoff position by binding and dodging, they also have minimal defence, which favours making a surprise attack and thereby skulling.