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A main, a steel guy, a pure mage and a pure hybrid... not the start of a joke, unless you count taking some seriously underpowered characters for a session in the Stronghold of Security. The target of being the lowest level with a sceptre was already lost for my active accounts, as it is reported to have been achieved by a level 23, doing nothing but strongholding. After working the stronhold with a main and some medium levels, the challenge was taken up with two new accounts, both created with the Halloween 2006 event outfit

The main[edit | edit source]

Level 66, balanced, impure, protect prayers. Getting a full set of sceptre parts was easy, the Ankous succumbing easily to mixed melee & mage tactics, switching to crumble undead from a safe spot, taking a full set of rune and mage kit.

Returning to the Ankou[edit | edit source]

Trying to clean up my bank, and balance up the remaining sceptre parts (11 spare shafts, a few complete skulls and a surplus of right halves), back to the Ankou, with my main now 70+. Full melee this time, using trout and salmon as usual to avoid banking.

Been doing quite well for law runes though they either seem to be "on" or "off", and picked up a few more pieces, then went to Varrock to get some strength potions made up, came back to do a last few runs, with a potion.

Used two doses to a load of food on the first run, then with less spaces for food, used up prayer on the second run to stay until the last dose of potion ran out.

Was about to leave for the Monastery, then reloaded and went back, thinking, careful, no prayer to save you this time.

Getting to the end, half health and neither food nor prayer left, so bury the bones and up pops a level 120 Zombie... Run?, No, fight but keep an eye on the exit route.

Halfway through, and still uncertain if it would be fight or flight, another player appears at the side, immediately in battle with an Ankou and completely redbarred... I'm rather busy too, and it's non-multi, so can't help.

WHACK! The Ankou finishes off Mr. redbar, leaving what could be an interesting pile, while I count down the Zombie's 2's on me to the mighty 12's I'm hitting - from full health, it would be no contest.

Victory!, I dash for the pile, and pick up:

  • Rune full helm
  • Anti-fire shield
  • Amulet of Strength
  • Ruby ring
  • Red gloves
  • Some Mithril ore & arrows
  • Some coins
  • 4 Lobster, a Kebab and a cooked chicken (yes, died with food on him)

Nice! Do a few more Ankou, and the risk a last one, watching the stats to bail with 8 and a bit HP (they hit a max of 8). Was at 16, and then got hit 8, thinking "FOOL!" and ran for the for, since you can get hit once as you go. Through the door and got hit, for a lovely blue zero, but so close to losing that loot, plus the proceeds of several Ankou runs and some bits of my own armour.

Steel[edit | edit source]

Ace is the steel guy, but was short of resources, got the boots easily, the level 1 and 2 sceptre pieces, then retired out of food.

Pure mage[edit | edit source]

Absolutely slaughtered the Minotaurs by safespotting, carrying fire strikes by the thousand. Quite effective trapping flesh crawlers.

Mage seemed poor against the catablepons, so moved up to Ankous with a view to crumbling, but reaching/holding a safe spot with a low to mid level pure is almost impossible. Lost a few loads of runes and retired to re-arm.

Pure hybrid[edit | edit source]

Around level 33, iron and dragonhide with power ammy, armed with addy scimmy (going for 40 attack / rune).

As usual, the first two levels were uneventful, with the Minotaurs proving useful on the route to 40 ranged for the dragonhide accessories.

A compromise was made on the food, using trout & salmon from the river.

The level 49 catablepons were chosen as the target, despite interference from the level 50 spiders. Usually, two could be taken in one run, but the damage tended to be very patchy, hitting several 5's or a string of 0's, while receiving damage in much the same fashion.

All drops were collected, including player deaths - one 5k coin pile from the area and two from the "safe" spot between the doors. A fair stock of mithril arrows, assorted runes including a pair of laws. Finally, the sceptre piece - rushed to the bank and partially assembled.

On to the Ankous, staying really close to the door, since this is level thirtysomething against level 75. The score so far, out of 3 runs:

  1. 1 Ankou, 8 coins - discarded
  2. 1 Ankou, 10 addy arrows - quivered them
  3. 0 Ankoou, baled out after using over 50% of food for very little damage, being hit 8's and hitting a string of 0's

Level 39 attack by this point, probably get level 40 & rune on something easier, definitely need more power for these. Got 40 attack and a Rune Scimitar, then able to fell level 75 Ankous more reliably at a rate of 1 per trip, sometimes 2, sometimes still 0. Did around 10-20 of them, then got the last piece. Wow! this is a noob magnet!

Twice now, this piece has needed far fewer kills than the one from the catablepons.

Level 23, really?[edit | edit source]

From forums, somebody did - I believe the account was called "My Sceptre". logged in users only? The picture

its not fake! im now proud owner of the titel: THE LOWEST ACCOUNT WITH A SKULL SCEPTRE FROM WHOLE TIP.IT!! it took me only 15 hours to get it... what are those magic cows hard to kill... it took me about 50 kills with 150 bronze arrows wasted per magic cow thing.
ive totaly wasted: 2,5k mind 3,7k air, 8k bronze arrows, 2k irom arrows, 1,7k steel arrows, more then 300 swordys, 50 lobsters, 30 tuna etc.
the states of "my sceptre" are: 22 atk (dumies+ vampire slayer) 1 str, 1 def, 32 range, 2 prayer, 34 magic and 27 hp

Good food is a "force magnifier" here - since my cheap food heals only 2/3 of a lobster (average 8 instead of 12), I lose a lot more attacks due to eating, though lower levels would not have the hitpoints to use lobster.

I guess the ultimate sceptre strategy would start with range on the minotaurs, making use of a safe spot and the free arrows, and then waste a lot of good food.

It is also said to have been done by a level 18, using a dwarven cannon, the ultimate force multiplier.

It has been claimed to have been achieved by a level 10, though that would require considerable luck in getting drops quickly, with considerable expertise in using the rather unreliable safespots.

A bit of drop counting[edit | edit source]

Level 70 main, with some magic levelling to do, and fire strikes to burn.

Took 1500 fire strikes to the south Ankou safespot, using 15-20 per takedown, result:

  • 34 Law runes (17 pairs)
  • 15 noted Mithril (3 drops, I think)
  • 30 noted ess (2 drops)
  • 20 (approx) addy arrows (2 drops)
  • 2000 (approx) coins
  • 1 Skull piece (got 4 on another 1500 run)
  • 2 Dark wizard tops (not collected, so a little unsure)

Randoms (I picked and buried bones as well)

  • Level 120 Zombie (killed for nothing)
  • Evil Chicken (it gave up during combat)
  • 2 MoM Boxes (coins)

A previous run also gave an 8k coin pile from a player - always a possibilty.

Sceptre pure rampage[edit | edit source]

Another two accounts, made during the halloween 2006 event, so they can have skeleton and sceptre.

First up: Skeleton Fun - at last count I think it was level 15 combat (mixed) and the first two pieces collected, now the tough part.

In reserve: Sceptre Mad - with the time running out for the event, just got the Spooky Set and retired.

Now active, getting the Reindeer hat and preparing to take advantage of the Scorpion-free run to the volcano rim Imps for Imp catcher.

Skeleton Fun[edit | edit source]

Well, after much preparation, weakened to level 19 magic, to do the Ankou with curse and strikes from the safespot, collected mithril arrows for the Catablebons, and made enough runes for 400 curses and 2000 fire strikes (and got in the score table for runecrafting).

Did the Ankou first, since although higher level, they are so weak to magic (not just to crumble) that they are no harder than the Catablepons, and the higher magic will help with cursing them over the disadvantage of ranged armour.

So almost disappointed when the 4th or 5th Ankou dropped the piece after just 72 strikes thrown, could have gone in with far less runes. The presence of another player fighting in melee helped a little, as it made breaking in and out of the spot a lot easier. Left immediately, as I can save the rest of the magic XP for the Catablepons... this is 3 out of 4 pieces, and still level 16, but the Catablepons are about the worst droppers.

Next stop, the Catablepons, and hopefully another easy piece drop.

Hard to hit, but curse and range worked, though still only hitting with about one arrow in five. Came well prepared with 300 iron and 1000 mithril for extra power, but didn't even get too deeply into the iron arrows, again, only a few before the final piece dropped. Of course, if I'd banked on being this lucky with the drops, my meagre supplies would probably have gone nowhere.