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Why "A fistful of Pizza"? - well, it sounded good, and with 35 cooking I thought the higher healing of the Pizza would help, though as it turned out, I took salmon, and saved the Pizza to top later.

For the record, the closest description of "Ace of Risk" at this point would be a "steel pure", kitted out in full steel, and always wielding the best battle axe possible, with attack leading strength.

The Draynor Manor assault[edit | edit source]

Vampire Slayer[edit | edit source]

By now, carrying a black battle axe, and with attack and strength at about 15 each, considerably lower than the level usually recommended for this.

The Count was a tough fight, healing between the slow hits and misses of my battle axe, after some time of not quite getting to deliver the hammer and stake blow, and with about half my food gone, somehow the combat ended without result. Fortunately someone else weakened the Count, without having the hammer and stake to finish, so as they left, I stepped in for the kill.

Ernest the Chicken[edit | edit source]

I tried to do the door puzzle without looking, but ended up giving up and pulling up a guide. If there is any clue or logic to the puzzle, I couldn't find it.

The skeleton in the closet was busy fighting someone else, so didn't bother me, though I had more than enough food to take it.

Demon Slayer[edit | edit source]

Took this one on at about level 20, and stupidly lost my Accuracy amulet when I tried killing wizards for a couple more bones - made the escape run a moment to late and it was lagged and crazy run, so i got nailed in the doorway.

Made the right decision later, on facing the Demon at the wizard circle, to leave my steel plate body in favour of my leather body, since the plate body has the worst penalty to magic defence.

The Demon was easy, but as I savoured victory, the level 20 Dark Wizard started earth striking me, for a hit and a miss as I left quickly. I'd have been hit more in full steel.

Still furious[edit | edit source]

Annoyed at losing my amulet, I spent some time around areas where it was possible others might make the same error, circling like a vulture.

Then went on a crafting push to get to emerald amulet level (31, I'm actually in the high scores with it!), and level 24 magic by spell misses in order to enchant it to a defence amulet (using a Wizards Mind Bomb for a temporary boost).

Moving on[edit | edit source]

With that done, a session in the mines, mining and scorpion fighting, while trying to get smithing up to the point where I can replace anything I'd lose on the last few quests. I'd forgotten how tedious coal mining was, without the guild. The normal scorpions are welcome combat distraction, though I try to avoid the king scorpions unless I want to free several food spaces.

Sometime in that schedule, I also did the Christmas event, though gradually dumped most of the stuff as i ran out of room.

The final quests[edit | edit source]

A few quests left to last, for various reasons

Prince Ali Rescue[edit | edit source]

Those jail guards scare even this risk taker, so I wanted the defence ammy to face them. Since they actually use a crush attack, I should change into a chain body to face them.

Black Knights' Fortress[edit | edit source]

My previous main had a rough time there, so I hope to have full replacement making capability before I go there, as well as a stack of food, Lobsters for this one, in case I get semi-lost again, since every area seems to be well defended.

Shield of Arrav[edit | edit source]

Not decided which side to go for, or found a partner yet, If I go Phoenix, I can grab free crossbows If I train range.

The Restless Ghost[edit | edit source]

Not sure I want the extra prayer, but since I'm not a 1 prayer, I guess I could push for protect item at 25. I could convert to a Monk, but even my main still hasn't got 43 (full protect froms) yet.

Dragon Slayer[edit | edit source]

Not until I have enough smithing to replace all pieces that won't save, or at least leave only one that I'll need to buy spares of.

I want to do this with Addy weapon, and in steel armour, fighting defensively so I get the bonus to attack and strength, then raise defence to 10 for black and hardleather. Maybe I'll start with level increased to the point where success will mean level 40 attack and the ability to wield a rune weapon.

I'll try my strength against Karamja Lessers first, as I know there is a Lesser and a lot of other things in one of the map piece sub-quests. And I also need to raise magic, to telegrab, as well as having teleport escape, though with easily replaced steel, maybe 3 more food spaces would be better than carrying tele runes.

See you in Lumbridge, dead or alive - Ace of Risk 17:19, 22 January 2006 (UTC)

Appointment Cancelled[edit | edit source]

Not doing Dragon Slayer, as the "XP in skills not used" is a myth, it's strength and defence whatever style you use on Elvarg, and I want this character to be a self-smithed steel wearer.