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Tutorial Island[edit | edit source]

Skills may be trained up to level 3 only, no further experience is given. At the woodcutting, firemaking and fishing spot, you may as well train all those skills, and cooking to level 3.

At the mining and smithing tutorial spot, you may as well train those to level 3, as you will never again find a mine, furnace and anvil in such close proximity. Having to select each ore to smelt individually is a minor disadvantage, and you can only smith daggers even if you level up, no great disdvantage, for reasons that become clear later.

In combat training, you may attack additional rats while in the cage. You could level up here, but will be reminded of what you need to do next.

  • It seems that you cannot be killed here, even if you take several hits with only 1 hitpoint left
  • You will not be allowed back into the cage after leaving

The range instructor will give you 50 arrows whenever you need them, and while you can accumulate extras if you drop, ask, and pick up, it seems you cannot keep them.

It appears that additional items are not retained when you leave the tutorial island - you just get the basic kit, and cannot keep extra arrows in the bank or on your person

Lumbridge, the beginning[edit | edit source]

The first thing I did, on this "quest for danger", was to talk to the cook and take on the Cook's Assistant quest, since it is a large step toward one requirement for the main quest to test, the "run, mine and die" method on The Knight's Sword. I should have taken on Rune Mysteries as well, since ESS mining would be a good way to build a cash stock.

I went west to Draynor Village, did some fishing and cooking to reach level 10 cooking, then west and south to the Rimmington mine.

Rimmington mine was a good call, no monsters, and often some iron ore dropping players at the 2 or 4 iron rocks, or dropping by the gold to make room. Grabbed 2, and mined 4 copper and 6 iron, then north into and out of Falador to talk to Doric and then finish Doric's Quest on the spot - great, that's my 10+ mining sorted!

An unexpected act of kindness, given an Iron Platebody by a passer by - I'll use that to test the use of one good armour piece and pick, as another variant on the "run, mine and die".

Knights Sword[edit | edit source]

I talk to the squire, then off to Varrock to see Reldo (take care, say the wrong thing to Reldo, and you may commit yourself to another quest and be unable to proceed with this one). Pausing only to steal a pie dish or two from the castle kitchen, the next step is south out of Varrock, dodge the Dark wizards and head east to the location of the redberries, then circulate clockwise back to Lumbridge to grab another pot and bucket from the kitchen.

Out again, back to the windmill, to harvest some grain, make flour, and prepare the pies, then sweeping west to Asgarnia cook the pies at Port Sarim, then south to feed the Dwarf.

I know what he wants now, so I sweep back northwards, pausing to fill my pack with copper and tin at the Rimmington Mine.

And that, is where I left it ... not bad progress for one day of occasional visits, though my navigaion is obviously quicker than a complete newbies

Signing off for now... Ace of Risk 15:45, 12 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Another gift, an Iron medium helm, though for the quest challenge, I won't be wearing it.

I now have attack 3, strength 3, defence 4, hitpoints soon to be 11, and prayer 4. from low level mining & smithing, a mining level of 15, and enough cash to buy the steel pick ... decided to go for that, to give me a better chance over the slower bronze pick.

Also picked up some decent items from the roadkill of drops and player deaths - an uncut ruby, would you believe - with any luck, I can trade it for some Iron bars, as waiting until I can smelt iron is not what I intended.

See you in Lumbridge .... Ace of Risk 20:05, 13 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Sir Prysin's cupboard was a lot easier to find, the second time of doing this quest - one floor up in the east tower, then across to the dining room and up the stairs, then into the side room and don't forget to shut Sir Prysin out!

Getting the Blurite (1)[edit | edit source]

Built my fishing up to 10+, and collected together 6 cooked herring (too much, as it turned out). Banked everything but my food and pick.

Set autoretaliate OFF, movement RUN, and then entered the dungeon. Ran west, north, east and the Muggers, Pirates and Hobgoblins all wanted a piece of me. Cowered in the rocky area just before the main cave, ate a herring, and found a spot where I could just see the Blurite rock to the southeast of the chamber.

Ran and mined it, took one hit but not persued. Waited for it to respawn, but an Ice Warrior respawned first. Ran, but another one got me - should have stood and eaten, as with five herring still left, it was "hello Lumbridge" and carrying two herring and my pick - but NO BLURITE!

Getting the Blurite (2)[edit | edit source]

Carrying just what I was left with, and fuming at my mistake, back to the dungeon.

Ran in, and took less hits than last time, got to the same rocky waystation point in good condition, but the Blurite was not good... wait, is that Ice Warrior after me? No, somebody attacked it, and now the Blurite is there.

Run, mine, got one - the one to the east of it is good as well, and all the warriors are busy ... that's two!

I see another, on the east wall, RUN, that's three - this is too easy, surely I'm going to get nailed now? More?, No, I'll be lucky to get out with these and I've still got the food.

Run back the the rocky waypoint I use, still ok, wait for run energy to recover a bit, then run, run, run for the exit.

DONE IT: Got out with three Blurite, used no food, and my stats were A:3, S:3, D:4, HP:11, Prayer:4 (unused), Mining:15 and steel pick. Combat level 6

This quest CAN be done at a low level, but it helps a lot if the Blurite cave chamber is busy with monster killers.

Getting the Iron bars and finishing[edit | edit source]

As tough as anything else - since I'd got up to mining Iron, I eventually traded iron and quest assistance for Iron bars.

Got the swords made, 3 of them by talk, drop and talk again, then pick up the other two. Back at the squire, dropped two and then talked and gave him the 3rd, picked up the other two.

Smithing level went from 6 to 29, and the Sword is the best one you can wield until you reach level 5 for steel, when a steel long has the same attack stats but greater strength.

Signing off for now Ace of Risk 17:36, 15 Sep 2005 (UTC)