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Autos, Autoers, Macroers, Bots or "rule 7 violators" - there are several types, several reasons.

Why Auto[edit | edit source]

The most common autos, found swarming over most harvestable resources, are simply resource collectors, stealing resources from legitimate players to feed the stockpile of the botmaster. They generally go through levels on lower materials, typically dumping them unless they have a worthwhile trading value, before moving up to collection of higher materials.

  • Rune essence
    • Hit by the switch to pure essence, autoers formerly trailed endlessly between Aubury and the bank, but in fixing the "problem" there, Jagex drove them from the one resource that was not actually contended for.
  • Yew logs
    • Progressing via normal logs, Oak and Willow, the early levels of these autoers are responsible for the vast stocks of these logs at many general stores.
  • Fish
  • Ores

There are also unproven rumours of combat based autos.

The collected resources are then laundered through trading accounts, and the resulting coins end up on RS gold trading sites in violation of rule 12.

Spotting them[edit | edit source]

Autos can be amazingly smart, many have ways to try to avoid unwelcome attention, but they can also be amazingly stupid, such as when their navigation breaks down and they retrace a path to nowhere.

Some typical signs of an auto are:

  1. Alphanumeric soup name that makes no sense, possibly Chinese sounding elements, sequential numbers
    • Skill pures usually have meaningful names
  2. Level 3 (but can be higher, as they may fight if attacked by a monster)
  3. Default appearance, though a lot are varying it now, or equipping the training items
  4. No talking, but some may have limited response to questions
    • Legitimate players may also turn chat off during high intensity training, though woodcutting and fishing are usually chattier than mining, due to the time when no input is needed.
  5. Navigation
    • Repetitive, rapid response is one common trait of the "running" auto, while the "standing" auto waits patiently for the Yew tree to respawn. Mining autos also tend to walk a pattern, and generally make no attempt to avoid busy rocks in favour of free ones.
    • Navigation is typically more accurate than a player using the minimap, but lacks the foresight of a player taking in the wider view.
    • Some odd moves may also be made, such as sidesteps due to something disrupting their detection of a respawn
  6. Reaction
    • Logging out when a moderator speaks - a limited self defence of some autos.
    • Logging out on getting a random event - though this is also put forward by some as a way that players can goad the macro detection into giving them more random events

Reporting[edit | edit source]

It may be useful to keep a list of those you have reported and those you wish to report, as only one report can be made per minute - the report also covers the previous 30 seconds or minute of activity, so only report one that has actually been in view during that time. The threshold at which you report, and any further checks such as trying to talk.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

It is said that current autos can complete tutorial island without assistance, and they can certainly collect and bank or general store dump resources