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This is a page kind of about my runescape account which is named Clayman7777 which is also currently muted :( I'll show you my stats look in the bottom right corner and my goals(a list and my skill goals) P.S I am a new member and getting used to a few things. I haven't got the time to "skill" and train combat because i am currently working for an award which is the Honour Roll. Wish me luck :) Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you about this name, Accomplissement stands for achievement in french :) Please feel free to add me on your friends list and talk to me(don't forget to tell me who you are, say hey,accomplissement or something) Thanks.

I made a list of what "To Do" some of it is a bit weird but hey, that's me.

  • Make around 10m for magic training
  • Finish Desert Treasure
  • Finish Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor
  • Finish Recipe for Disaster
  • Get 60+ in every skill
  • Get 88 summoning
  • Get a skillcape
  • Get 80 Prayer
  • Get 85 slayer
  • Finish legends Quest
  • Get all of the Godswords (or hilts and a godsword)
  • Get a Dragon Full Helm
  • Get a Dragon Full Helm as a drop
  • Get 99 ranged
  • Get 80 smithing
  • Get a Dragonfire shield
  • Get Full Bandos Armour
  • Get Full Armadyl Armour
  • Get 100 Combat without summoning

Total level: 2192
Attack 99Constitution 1Mining 99
Strength 99Agility 99Smithing 99
Defence 99Herblore 99Fishing 99
Ranged 99Thieving 99Cooking 99
Prayer 99Crafting 99Firemaking 9
Magic 99Fletching 99Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99Slayer 99Farming 99
Construction 99Hunter 99Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 138Quests 250
Music 500Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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Combat 100%
0 levels
Farming 100%
0 levels
Thieving 100%
0 levels
Slayer 100%
0 levels
Fletching 100%
0 levels
Prayer 100%
0 levels
Summoning 100%
0 levels
Runecrafting 100%
0 levels
Defence 100%
0 levels
Smithing 100%
0 levels