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MMG rewrites[edit | edit source]

F2P[edit | edit source]

  • Money making guide/Fishing lobsters (?)
  • Money making guide/Fishing swordfish/tuna

P2P[edit | edit source]

  • Money making guise/Fishing monkfish (?)
  • Money making guide/Fishing trawler (?)
  • Money making guide/Fishing sharks (?)
  • Money making guide/Fishing cavefish (?)
  • Money making guide/Fishing rocktails

{{Mmgtable |Activity = Fishing [[rocktail]]s |Image = [[File:Rocktail.png]] |Profit = 125*({{GEP|Raw rocktail}}-{{GEP|Living minerals}}) |Skill = 90 {{Skill clickpic|Fishing}} |Item = 1,000+ [[living minerals]], [[granite lobster]]/[[ibis]] pouches, fishing [[aura]] |Quest = None |Other = None |Other Benefits = 45,600 {{Skill clickpic|Fishing}} |Inputs = |Outputs = |Location = [[Grand Exchange]] recommended |Details = Raw rocktails give 225xp each when cooked, providing rapid cooking experience to those training with them. Additionally, cooked [[rocktail]] heal up to 230 [[life points]] each and will boost players life points by up to 100, making them one of the highest-healing foods in the game. Because rocktails are only available to be fished in the [[living rock caverns]], players should use [[world]] 84 when fishing for rocktails. The large amount of players there will help to minimize attacks from [[living rock creature]]s. Additionally, low leveled players may wish to wear a [[Ring of life]] for added protection should they take heavy damage. When preparing to fish, players should bring about 1,000 living minerals at a time. Players should also consider bringing the highest level fishing boosting familiar they can summon, as well as a fishing aura. Once players have logged into world 84 and arrived at the living rock caverns, they should begin fishing rocktails to the south of the cavern, and depositing them in the pulley lift. Players should take care not to use the deposit all button, as this will deposit the stock of living minerals and require the player to go to a bank to retrieve them. }}