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{{Mmgtable |Activity =Killing [[Dark beast]]s |Image =[[File:Dark beast.png|220px]] |Profit = 1500000 + {{GEP|Adamantite ore|120}} + {{GEP|Death rune|360}} + {{GEP|Dark bow|1.3}} + {{GEP|Rune full helm|22}} + {{GEP|Rune chainbody|30}} + {{GEP|Sirenic scale|1}} + {{GEP|Grimy toadflax|70}} + {{GEP|Grimy lantadyme|35}} + {{GEP|Grimy dwarf weed|36}} + {{GEP|Loop half of a key|4}} + {{GEP|Tooth half of a key|3}} |Skill = <poem> 96 {{scm|Herblore}} recommended 80 {{scm|Ranged}} recommended 92+/95 {{scm|Prayer}} recommended 90 {{scm|Slayer}} required 96 {{scm|Summoning}} recommended </poem> |Item = <poem> [[Overload flask]]s recommended [[Bonecrusher]] recommended [[Bone necklace]] recommended [[seedicide]] recommended as seeds are worthless [[Magic notepaper]] recommended [[Spring cleaner]] recommended if not high alching or banking High-leveled ranged or mage weapon with ammo/runes of appropriate level Only use melee if using Noxious Scythe </poem> |Quest = <poem> [[Mourning's Ends Part II]] required [[Within the Light]] recommended </poem> |Other = [[crystal teleport seed]] with temple of light option |Other Benefits = 380,000 {{scm|Magic}}{{scm|Range}} |Inputs = none |Outputs = <poem> 120 x [[Adamantite ore]] ({{GEPrice|Adamantite ore|120}}) 360 x [[Death rune]] ({{GEPrice|Death rune|360}}) 1.3 x [[Dark bow]] ({{GEPrice|Dark bow|1.3}}) 22 x [[Rune full helm]] ({{GEPrice|Rune full helm|22}}) 30 x [[Rune chainbody]] ({{GEPrice|Rune chainbody|30}}) 1 x [[Sirenic scale]] ({{GEPrice|Sirenic scale|1}}) 70 x [[Grimy toadflax]] ({{GEPrice|Grimy toadflax|70}}) 35 x [[Grimy lantadyme]] ({{GEPrice|Grimy lantadyme|35}}) 36 x [[Grimy dwarf weed]] ({{GEPrice|Grimy dwarf weed|36}}) 4 x [[Loop half of a key]] ({{GEPrice|Loop half of a key|4}}) 3 x [[Tooth half of a key]] ({{GEPrice|Tooth half of a key|3}}) 1,500,000 x coins (coin drops) </poem> |Location = [[Mourning Tunnels]] |Category = Combat/High |Details = '''The profit rate assumes 450 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.''' Using a Bone Necklace and Soul Split a player can stay indefinitely, banking only if not using notepaper or high alching. Using a legendary pet with scavenge can reduce the need to pick up items. Most items dropped are noted or stackable. Using seedicide for unwanted seeds, spring cleaner for rune items, and high alching for failed spring cleaner, a player's inventory will never be filled. Dark beasts commonly drop sharks which can be used if soul split is not enough to heal. Using a ranged weapon that provides it's own ammo is recommended. For range/mage, using corruption shot/blast can help a player kill more. Dark beasts tend to hit the rare drop table very often, so depending on luck, profits may be greater. }}