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This is an account made by the representatives of a group of about 300 Runescape players who have autism.

We mainly edit pages that are too long or too detailed for readers who have autism or other mental/physical disabilities that make it hard for them to get information.

Asking questions or commenting on the talk page is encouraged (if you have a disability and don't feel represented please say so)

how we work:

  1. the group discusses runescape
  2. if any pages are too hard to read due to the length of the pages a vote is called for
  3. if more than 10 people say they agree (and it doesn't involve vandalizing the page)
  4. the representatives send a request to the Account owner
  5. the account owner edits the pages
  6. if someone else reverts the changes (without reason), they are messaged and asked to stop
  7. if they don't stop and the group deems it necessary, an admin will be notified

signature/tag rules and hints:

  • if the comment tag is just the account name and time-stamp, then the speaker is just the owner
  • if the comment tag is the the account name, time-stamp, and the letters "mag", then the speaker is the owner (again)
  • if the comment tag is the the account name, time-stamp, and a set of 3-4 letters (and not the above), then the speaker is a rep
  • the 3-4 letters are so that the owner and the reps can see who said what.

types of edits: making tables collapsible so that readers with disabilities can view information in a fashion that is easier for them.

Here is some basic information about the Account owner (not the people who make the requests).

  • My character name is Aavara
  • My combat level is 138
  • I am mostly a skiller
  • Favorite in game title: the Totally Quackers
  • Clan: Slayer Nest
  • My membership is Gold Premium