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Prayer Training Members[edit | edit source]

Ways to get experience[edit | edit source]

The best by far is to bury different types of bones

Shades can be cremated for experience

Ways to burying bones[edit | edit source]

Chapel[edit | edit source]

At Player-owned house is the best but hard to be able to do. 3.5X exp 75 Construction required for the best experience. due to its speed and 3.5X exp this is the best (see math 1)

Ectofuntus[edit | edit source]

Provides greater experience but a lot slower! 4.0X exp 2nd best and generally used to get prayer protection well having low cash!

Non member training[edit | edit source]

Just bury any bones you can get not much more than that.

Increasing Burying speed[edit | edit source]

Beast of Burden can be used to hold more bones and run longer

House Teleport can be used to go to and from a bank very fast! To save runes you can have a portal room close by saving cash but slowing you down slightly so its usefulness is debatable

math 1 Exp/time is greater then any other way, exp/cash is the same as all methids