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2012-02-07[edit | edit source]


00:17:29 King: A_proofreader, exactly what does PNGOptimizationBot do? O_o
00:17:40 Cook_Me_Plox: you are a noob

2012-02-20[edit | edit source]


01:02:07 a_proofreader: Okay guys, any more tests for RSW image renamer? :)
01:02:16 ty: Smithing-icon.png
01:02:20 a_proofreader: No image has been actually moved by the bot so far, only references updated
01:02:37 a_proofreader: Smithing-icon.png to what?
01:02:48 Elune: proofreader bots on the wiki almost as much as cook
01:02:59 a_proofreader: ya I'm such a (wiki) botter
01:03:11 Elune: and by almost I mean as close to as humanly possible
01:03:44 Elune: amg proof you're going to get your edit count reset
01:04:03 Elune: like bawble got his stats reset

04:37:31 _hwk: yet you would do liquid
04:37:45 sentra246: he's not male is he? :P

2012-02-21[edit | edit source]


01:21:15 a_proofreader: Biscuits wouldn't be known as cookies in the UK, because those are what's known as biscuits in the UK
01:21:28 a_proofreader: If they were, then they'd be cookies in-game @[email protected]
01:21:38 Lashazior: fuck
01:21:39 a_proofreader: 21 01:20:41 Matthew2602 Your edit doesn't make any sense to me Lash @[email protected]
01:21:40 Lashazior: reverty my edit
01:21:41 Matthew2602: yeah, but you said that it's the other way around
01:21:41 a_proofreader: Matthew2602++
01:21:47 Matthew2602: >.>

2012-03-05[edit | edit source]


18:14:48 Christine|afk: [15:20:22] <Chaos_Monk> christine's gonna be mad i was on and she didn't see me.
18:14:50 Christine|afk: I do not give a single fuck
18:14:53 Evilbot: Christine|afk: <Chaos_Monk> Hi Christine!
18:15:09 * Christine|afk is now known as ChristineV
18:15:14 Elune: lul
18:15:16 ChristineV: ty: gimme one pls
18:15:34 a_proofreader: ö
18:15:39 a_proofreader: Hi ChristineV :)
18:15:50 Elune: and christine did not give a single fuck that day
18:16:19 * Joins: maid[email protected]/TyA
18:16:19 * ChanServ sets mode: +o maid
18:16:25 * Elune huggles maid
18:17:57 ChristineV: [18:15:14] <@ChristineV> ty: gimme one pls
18:18:36 * maid gives one to ChristineV
18:18:45 ChristineV are they any good?
18:18:48 ChristineV are they fat free? D:
18:18:49 * Quits: ty[email protected]/TyA: Read error: Connection reset by peer
18:18:55 LOCKSTEP16_: glootin free
18:18:58 LOCKSTEP16_: ain't it grand
18:19:14 a_proofreader: 05 18:14:50 @Christine|afk I do not give a single fuck || ::15:16 @ChristineV ty: gimme one pls
18:19:23 a_proofreader: Thought you wanted ty to give you a fuck. My bad. ;p
18:19:39 Elune: l
18:19:45 maid: ChristineV: They are not
18:19:50 Ryfos: a_proofreader, that's the best response ever xD
18:20:19 arble: hi christine
18:20:31 Elune: proof grats on picking up on something my fithy mind missed

2012-03-21[edit | edit source]


06:11:28 Elune: proof: the white version
06:12:06 a_proofreader: lol
06:12:20 a_proofreader: Golden panties on that one
06:12:36 RagM: i myself always wear golden panties
06:12:46 Elune: XD
06:12:47 a_proofreader: That's awesome :D

09:57:32 a_proofreader: @yt snsd gee
09:57:34 RuneScript: *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Girls` Generation(소녀시대) _ Gee _ MusicVideo | Uploader: sment (2009-06-08) | Duration: 03:55 | Views: 68,929,083 | Favorite: 172,387 (Likes: 185,899 | Dislikes: 17,061) | Rating: 4.6637564 (202,960 ratings) | URL:
09:57:36 a_proofreader: For RagM ^
09:57:53 RagM: oh wow
09:57:57 RagM: i know that song :3
09:57:58 RagM: haha
09:58:02 a_proofreader: o rly?
09:58:25 RagM: i listen to it when i am home alone in my gold panties :p
09:58:32 a_proofreader: lmao
09:59:58 RagM: maybe i should not have said that in the main channel :3

2012-03-22[edit | edit source]


00:34:54 Sacre_Fi: do you fine folks ever switch between channels/networks and go "whoa wtf is this person doing here"
00:35:18 Sacre_Fi: I was like dang Elune and a_proofreader suddenly took an interest in this, what a coincidence
00:35:30 Elune: lol
00:35:44 a_proofreader: what?
00:35:56 Sacre_Fi: that probably made no sense
00:36:06 Sacre_Fi: I meant to switch to another channel/network
00:36:17 Sacre_Fi: but accidentally clicked #rswiki without realizing it
00:36:23 a_proofreader: lol
00:36:25 Elune: ^
00:36:28 Elune: oops
00:36:46 Elune: proof y u ninja me
00:37:13 Sacre_Fi: it happens to me more than I care to admit lol
00:38:17 a_proofreader: why yes, I did take up an interest in <insert name of other channel here>
00:38:43 Sacre_Fi: you have excellent taste
00:38:48 a_proofreader: thank you
00:38:50 Sacre_Fi: more people should enjoy clown porn
00:38:54 a_proofreader: haha
00:39:08 Elune: what if the other channel was #proofreading that would be ironic
00:39:22 Sacre_Fi: lol
00:39:23 a_proofreader: or #ElfDancing

16:39:35 Ameobea10: you guys talking about crypting stuff?
16:39:42 a_proofreader: ya Ameobea
16:39:56 Ameobea10: *started it
16:39:58 Ameobea10: what starte dit?
16:40:19 Sacre: whoa did you correct yourself first and then make the typo?
16:40:32 bad_fetus: [22:40:06] <Sacre> whoa did you correct yourself first and then make the typo?
16:40:33 a_proofreader: LOL Sacre
16:40:34 bad_fetus: HAX

2012-03-30[edit | edit source]


05:21:29 Joeytje50: how can I give karma to someone in the stats
05:21:40 a_proofreader: Name++
05:21:47 a_proofreader: Name-- to remove it
05:21:59 _2: karma plox
05:22:08 _2: some nubs conspired to put me at the bottom
05:22:15 Joeytje50: _2--
05:22:19 a_proofreader: _2--
05:22:21 a_proofreader: Karma whoring
05:22:22 sentra246: _2--
05:22:23 _2: cheers
05:22:23 Joeytje50: trolol
05:22:32 Joeytje50: karmawhores get nothing
05:22:34 Joeytje50: a_proofreader++
05:22:37 a_proofreader: LOL
05:22:38 Joeytje50: for xplaining karma to me

12:25:59 bad_fetus: the transformers universe game is apparently using the runescape engine
12:26:10 bad_fetus: a slightly advanced version that is
12:28:11 RagM: wonder if its lag is slightly more advanced

2012-05-07[edit | edit source]


05:39:39 Courts: Just had
05:39:47 Courts: Freshly shot roasted duck
05:39:49 RagM: sentra?
05:39:51 RagM: oh fuck
05:39:53 Sylvanas: l
05:39:56 RagM: *duck
05:39:56 a_proofreader: lol
05:39:58 RagM: haha
05:40:00 RagM: yum
05:40:02 Courts: ._.
05:40:15 RagM: hahaha im laughing at myself pretty hard
05:40:18 RagM: im such a dumb
05:40:19 a_proofreader: doesn't matter had glenn
05:40:26 RagM: haha
05:40:34 Courts: Id prefer glenn ;)

2012-05-21[edit | edit source]


05:19:56 Immolation: On a srs note
05:20:01 Immolation: Robin Gibb :(
05:20:33 arble: sounds like he wasn't too good at...
05:20:37 * arble sunglasses
05:20:40 Immolation: staying alive
05:20:40 Immolation: ye
05:20:41 arble: STAYIN ALICE
05:20:44 Immolation: aha
05:20:45 arble: uh
05:20:45 a_proofreader: ALICE
05:20:46 arble: v
05:20:46 Immolation: Get typo'd
05:20:50 Immolation: you insensitive asshole
05:20:57 Immolation: :D
05:20:58 Rag: lololol

2012-07-22[edit | edit source]


18:09:05 caek: might figure out eventually
18:09:20 * Michagogo is now known as cuk
18:09:37 Cook_Me_Plox: [email protected]##@
18:09:40 * np is now known as c00k
18:09:44 Elune: BAN
18:09:45 c00k: I am not Cook_Me_Plox :D
18:09:50 * Liquid is now known as Cock_Me_Plox
18:09:54 * Cock_Me_Plox pokes Cook_Me_Plox
18:09:56 c00k: LOL
18:09:57 Elune: lol
18:09:59 Elune: loooooool
18:10:03 c00k: LIQUID DOES THIS
18:10:04 c00k: OH MAN
18:10:17 bad_fetus: wat
18:10:17 dead_farnsworth: i knew Liquid was gay
18:10:21 Elune: ^
18:10:22 bad_fetus: ^
18:10:26 Andorin: lmao

2012-08-20[edit | edit source]


17:30:53 Michagogo: Andorin: are you allergic to anything?
17:31:02 Andorin: Stupid questions.
17:31:04 a_proofreader: he is allergic to hot women
17:31:16 a_proofreader: do not put any near him (in b4 WP:BEANS)
17:31:25 Michagogo: lol
17:31:33 Immo: wat
17:31:34 Warthog: Andorin is allergic to Cook_Me_Plox's edits :P
17:31:46 Andorin: No, really just the "stupid questions" thing.
17:31:47 Michagogo: I was hoping he'd be allergic to something listed at
17:31:49 Michagogo: :-P
17:31:50 * a_proofreader is a master/mistress of reverse psychology
17:32:04 Immo: mastress
17:32:09 Andorin: mattress
17:32:10 a_proofreader: mastress, I like that
17:32:12 a_proofreader: but it ...
17:32:12 Immo: Although that looks like i typo'd mattress
17:32:16 a_proofreader: yeah
17:32:21 a_proofreader: 17:31:50 * a_proofreader is a master/mistress of reverse psychology... in bed
17:32:26 Immo: Well done a_proofreader. Your new name is mattress
17:32:27 Michagogo: ...
17:32:27 Andorin: my hobby: ninja'ing a_proofreader
17:32:29 a_proofreader: Also considering that this is how Andorin sees it
17:32:36 a_proofreader: Mattress fits the bill quite nicely!

22:20:04 Princess: The family is reunited!
22:20:19 King: Sorry but I gave my soul to someone else
22:20:23 * Lashazior is now known as Miley_Cyrus
22:20:31 Princess: :O
22:20:34 Miley_Cyrus: I have awaken.
22:20:44 Princess: Did you give your soul to the Devil_Me_Plox?
22:20:51 Miley_Cyrus: pfft
22:20:51 Princess: You have awakened.
22:20:54 Miley_Cyrus: I gave cook his soul
22:21:10 Princess: o rly?
22:21:14 Queen: Princess: The family will never be reunited
22:21:15 Queen: @@@@
22:21:23 Princess: Did you also teach him to... party... in the USA?
22:21:31 * Princess chuckles
22:21:34 Miley_Cyrus: *sunglasses*...............YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
22:21:38 Princess: haha
22:21:43 Miley_Cyrus: HANGING OUT AROUND LAX

22:42:28 Queen: Evil1888:
22:42:41 bad_fetus: I remember that that website translated psycho robot as saikorobotto
22:42:42 Princess: ... in bed
22:42:55 bad_fetus: [05:42:28] <Queen> Evil1888:
22:42:56 bad_fetus: lmao
22:43:11 Evil1888: Queen: Giggity
22:43:11 bad_fetus: er
22:43:14 Princess: Hahaha

Inline context

I am able to tie a tie.let's go!

私はネクタイのことができます。into Japanese

I can tie.back into English

私のネクタイすることができます。back into Japanese

You can tie me.back into English

あなたは私を結びつけることができます。back into Japanese

You can bind me.back into English

あなたは私をバインドできます。back into Japanese

You can bind me.back into English

2012-08-21[edit | edit source]


22:42:05 Yoda: OK guys
22:42:12 Yoda: I found a random word generator
22:42:19 Panjy16: ok
22:42:44 Yoda: noun, adjective, verb (transitive), verb (intransitive), adverb, interjection, preposition?
22:42:49 Panjy16: noun
22:42:49 Evilbot: nou
22:42:52 a_proofreader: Noun
22:42:53 Evilbot: nou
22:42:54 Panjy16: lol
22:42:56 Panjy16: LOL
22:42:58 sir_mixalot: l

2012-08-24[edit | edit source]


01:05:39 sacje: yeah i had some pretty weird friends as a ki--LOAAAAAAADINGU LOADINGU~
01:05:46 sacje: hey Chiafrien
01:05:48 a_proofreader: oh god
01:05:54 a_proofreader: MY EARS
01:05:55 Panjy16: LOL
01:05:58 Panjy16: brb
01:06:08 sacje: Panjy16's gonna listen to it
01:06:09 * Panjy16 LOADINGU16_
01:06:14 Panjy16: shit
01:06:14 a_proofreader: I'm not even listening to loadingu, but my ears are already not amused
01:06:18 sacje: lol
01:06:19 a_proofreader: LOL
01:06:19 * Panjy16 is now known as LOADINGU16_

2012-08-31[edit | edit source]


02:27:38 Panjy16: damn it Andorin
02:27:47 Panjy16: every time you talk to proofy I respect and revere what you have to say
02:27:52 Panjy16: because I thought you were 50
02:28:05 Panjy16: NO MAS
02:28:22 a_proofreader: no more!
02:28:30 Panjy16: I thought it was weird when you identified so much with us youngins and our consoles
02:28:39 Panjy16: I was thinking you were one hip grandpa
02:28:49 Panjy16: maybe you only had one real hip
02:28:55 Andorin: lol
02:29:02 the_google: darn it
02:29:07 a_proofreader: that's why he's so hip, right?
02:29:08 the_google: ninja'd to the one hip joke
02:29:12 Panjy16: AHAHAHAHA
02:29:13 a_proofreader: because he has only on..
02:29:15 a_proofreader: FFFFFF

2012-09-07[edit | edit source]


When discussing signatures...

21:02:47 Hair: SO HA
21:02:52 ty: GAY
21:03:05 Exor: L
21:03:10 Hair: FERGIE'S A GIRL

2012-09-09[edit | edit source]


17:51:03 Solieve_EXE: FATAL SYSTEM ERROR 
17:51:17 HairyBot: I just pooped.
17:51:50 * PNGOpt DIES
17:52:00 * MuudyBot DIES
17:52:04 * HairyBot DIES
17:52:06 * PNGOpt is now known as a_proofreader
17:52:10 * MuudyBot is now known as Jr_mime
17:52:11 * HairyBot is now known as Hair

2012-09-18[edit | edit source]


19:51:40 Elune: >>aggro proofreading wiki
19:51:40 Elunebot: I think proofreading a(n) wiki should aggro every wiki in a 40 yard distance it only makes sense you are really proofreading their best friend
19:51:54 a_proofreader: LOL
19:51:58 Immo: all of my :D
19:52:03 Exor_Solieve: L

2012-09-30[edit | edit source]


14:43:46 Hair: IT'S CALLED BEIN BOLD
14:52:21 * Hair was kicked by sacje: tired of hair; being bold
14:52:21 * Joins: Hair[email protected]/Hairr
14:52:32 a_proofreader: Do you mean: being bald

2012-10-20[edit | edit source]


03:13:39 sacje: i wonder if we can get RuneScript on some kind of FBI watchlist by searching for really shady stuff
03:13:40 Chia: ja
03:14:14 Chia: @google how to build bombs, conceal them and destroy buildings under the jurisdiction of united states federal authority
03:14:15 RuneScript: *** [ GOOGLE ]: Top google result for "how to build bombs, conceal them and destroy buildings under the jurisdiction of united states federal authority":
03:14:23 Chia: WE USE IT
03:14:28 sacje: ahahahaha it linked to FBI