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2012-03-02[edit | edit source]

Henneyj: Kibbling?
AstrasGirl: Deep fried atlantic cod in a cunjin batter
AstrasGirl: And 190 tears
Nebuleon: ... Lol
Rag M: I thought kibbling was less tears
Nebuleon: Why you cook cod in tears?
Rag M: Flavour :3
AstrasGirl: Lol...I better go for a bit...Bbiab
Nebuleon: Oh yeah, adds a bit of salty aftertaste
Rag M: Bye bye
Nebuleon: See ya :P
Henneyj: Id still eat it

Stygma: We're a community oriented clan, so we don't require much from you
YodaPen: We require you to tolerate Liquid
YodaPen: And his citadel crap

2012-03-03[edit | edit source]

About misbehaving children...

AstrasGirl: Lol the truth is i just lock em in my purpose built dungeon
Nebuleon: :O
AstrasGirl: :p
Nebuleon: Do adults go into your dungeon too, sometimes?
AstrasGirl: Awwww hmmm....
AstrasGirl: No I just take the whips and chains to our bedroom...
Evan E: Lul
AstrasGirl: Oh shoot i didn't say that
Nebuleon: ^_^
S0uperZ0mbie: What
AstrasGirl: <---goes silent now

2012-03-21[edit | edit source]

AstrasGirl: Oh i got invited to a costume party
AstrasGirl: I have to wear something starting with an s
jnacci: Strippers outfit.
Fusaka: A sombreo?
jnacci: I win?
Nebuleon: S... Choolgirl
Nebuleon: I win :o
AstrasGirl: A sombreo...Hmm wonder wear i can get one of those
Pterok: Sparklebrite pony outfit
Nebuleon: Or wait
Nebuleon: Senorita
Nebuleon: One of those flamboyant Spanish costumes
AstrasGirl: Yes but wear would i get one in australia
[... possibly personal information elided ...]
Nebuleon: Buy one from overseas?
AstrasGirl: Yes neb on **** yes good idea
Nebuleon: On 4 stars
AstrasGirl: *****
Nebuleon: Or 5
AstrasGirl: E
AstrasGirl: Bay
Nebuleon: Oh
AstrasGirl: Good idea
AstrasGirl: A spanish outfit...Tyvvvm guys
Fusaka: Sailor outfit!
Nebuleon: A sultry and sexy Spanish Senorita, sure to spice up the spirit
Nebuleon: Of the party
AstrasGirl: :) yes hahah
Nebuleon: And alliteration lovers everywhere

AstrasGirl: Omg he is now sexy dancing
AstrasGirl: Tahts just ......Err....Wrong
Nebuleon: Lol troubadour dance
Nebuleon: Did you do One Piercing Note, Astra?
AstrasGirl: Yes
Elune Vulpes: Lul
AstrasGirl: I have quest cape
Nebuleon: How's the troubadour dance as a milestone cape sister?
Homeless DJ: That quest was horrible
Elune Vulpes: "you still have big boobs!" - astra
Nebuleon: I lol'd
AstrasGirl: ......Well........You do!
Homeless DJ: Wherewherewhere?

AstrasGirl: Who is coming to dg...Jamais and i are here
AstrasGirl: Ohhhh noooooooooooooo jamais is sexy dancing for me now

2012-03-26[edit | edit source]

W25 iz mine: Any good monkey making ways?
Nebuleon: Isn't that all at Ape Atoll?
AstrasGirl: Roflmao
0f y0ur h0us: Yah
0f y0ur h0us: Kill monkeys and make their greegree

2012-04-11[edit | edit source]

Gaz Floyd: Do you have the cooking level to make caeks?
NebuleonQuick chat button.png: My Cooking level is 99.
Nebuleon: I can maek caek in my sleep
Gaz Floyd: No not you
Nebuleon: O
Gaz Floyd: Vivum
Vivum: Yes
Gaz Floyd: You just got own3d by pink floyd
Vivum: I can make achawklate caek
Gaz Floyd: I mean gaz
Nebuleon: Ha!
Gaz Floyd: Oi
Nebuleon: [email protected]@
Gaz Floyd: A pinkreader
Nebuleon: You are now legitimately Pink Floyd
Gaz Floyd: Omg
Gaz Floyd: Dont u daer put this up on cc quotes

2012-04-30[edit | edit source]

AstrasWife: Ask my pimp hehe
AstrasWife: Oh shit wc
AstrasWife: One one saw that
AstrasWife: No one
rw Sentenced: Screencapped for cc quotes
rw Sentenced: :D


2012-05-03[edit | edit source]

Rag M: Doing nebuleon as i go
Rag M: *nebulas
Occide: ...
Elune Rose: Looooool

2012-05-12[edit | edit source]

AstrasWife: Stop talking dutch to me you know that turns me on
AstrasWife: Shit wc
AstrasWife: Shit shit shit
Tiri Forever:  :D
Tiri Forever: I should learn dutch quick!
Elune Rose: Lol
Elune Rose: Me too
AstrasWife: No one saw that please
IX bLaNk XI: Too late
Elune Rose: I already did sorry <3
AstrasWife: My husband is talking to me

2012-05-18[edit | edit source]

Liquidhelium: Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies poniiiiiies
Liquidhelium: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck wrong chat
Liquidhelium: No one saw that
Liquidhelium: @@@@@@@
Harlequin981: Uh huh
Liquidhelium: I command you all to unsee that
Nebuleon: [email protected]@@@@

2012-05-21[edit | edit source]

Relaera: Need like 3m in charms alone to get 90
Nebuleon: Ah
Relaera: Like 150k in shards
Nebuleon: 3m in charms? Huh?
Relaera: Shards
Relaera: Im tired sorry :P
Nebuleon: Oh
rw Sentenced: Yeah but 3m isn't much
Nebuleon: 3m gp in 150k shards?
Nebuleon: *tries to make sense out of it*
Relaera: 150k x 3 =
Nebuleon: 450k
Relaera: Gah
Relaera: 150k x 25gp
Nebuleon: 3750k?
Nebuleon: That looks right
Relaera: So 3m in charms
Nebuleon: No, in shards
Relaera: Shards shards shards
Nebuleon: Shaaaaaaaards

2012-06-04[edit | edit source]

Varist: I hate how the exp progress bubble at the top of the screen
Varist: Does not uniformly fill
Varist: The last quarter of it takes twice as long as any other part
Varist: Really angers me
Mad Rubicant: Just like leveling up in rs
Githerax: You'd better post how you feel on the forums, Varist
Varist: They took that forum away
Githerax: It's the only way to be sure
Varist: I can only compliment them passive-aggressively
Nebuleon: "Great job on the level-up circle", by Varist, in Compliments
Nebuleon: Amirite
O Karilz X: Lol
Githerax: I'm lolling
Varist: That is the perfect wording
Githerax: Note to self: be wary of compliments from Neb
Nebuleon: ;)