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This project has concluded.

The project has accumulated 303,465 Adventurer's Log feeds from 28 August 2012 to 18 September 2012. The corpus is available for download here, as well as information resulting from data-mining here. Monster drops are listed on a separate page.

Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is kept as an archive of the instructions for the project, in case it is needed again. Please do not edit it.

This page links to the 2 source code files for the Adventurer's Log Gathering Project. To connect to an already-established server, you only need the client. You may wish to run a server as well for your own purposes.[edit | edit source] is the main code file for the server. It is released under the GPLv3.

The package for this file is com.wikia.runescape. Make sure you save this file to com/wikia/runescape/ on your local filesystem if you download it. (That is, create the folder 'com', then 'wikia' inside it, then 'runescape' inside it, then save the file in 'runescape'). On Windows, this will be C:\somewhere\com\wikia\runescape\[edit | edit source] is the main code file for the client. It is released under the GPLv3.

The package for this file is com.wikia.runescape. Make sure you save this file to com/wikia/runescape/ on your local filesystem if you download it. On Windows, this will be C:\somewhere\com\wikia\runescape\

Tools required[edit | edit source]

In addition to the two compiled Java source files, the following tool is required:

Installation instructions are found on the project's page. Please make sure that the tool is in the PATH before compiling and running the program.

Compiling[edit | edit source]

You can use your favourite Java IDE to import and compile the files, or you can use javac on the file's (or files') path(s):

javac com/wikia/runescape/  (only if you're running your own server)
javac com/wikia/runescape/

If using the javac command, it needs to be used in the folder containing 'org' and 'com'. For example, if you saved the two files as

/home/me/alog-project/com/wikia/runescape/  (Linux)
/home/me/alog-project/com/wikia/runescape/  (Linux)
C:\somewhere\alog-project\com\wikia\runescape\  (Windows)
C:\somewhere\alog-project\com\wikia\runescape\  (Windows)

you would use this command before javac to change to the correct directory:

cd /home/me/alog-project  (Linux)
CD C:\somewhere  (Windows)

Running the client[edit | edit source]

The client can then be launched from the command line, using this command in the correct directory:

java com.wikia.runescape.LogGetterClient <IP> <Port> [<list of source IPs to use>]

The IP address and port refer to those of the work distribution server. The server operator will give you these upon request. Your client will then run and download the Adventurer's Log RSS feeds for the player names it is assigned until you interrupt the program with Ctrl+C or by terminating the process, logging out, rebooting or shutting down your computer.

The list of source IPs allows your computer to request from Jagex using more than one of its network interfaces. Use this if you have multiple public IPv4 addresses, like on a dedicated server.

Running the server[edit | edit source]

The server can then be launched from the command line, using this command in the correct directory:

java com.wikia.runescape.LogGetterServer <RSS files directory> <Port>

The port refers to your own, which will accept connections from clients. See [1] to see how to open this port on your router and forward it to the correct computer. You may also need to allow this program or the port on a firewall, such as the Windows Firewall.

The RSS files directory refers to the directory where the RSS files will be placed. It will also contain the pending names list and assignment list.

Logging to a file[edit | edit source]

If you wish to log to a file, and are running Windows XP, Unix, Linux or Mac OS X, you can start the server with this command instead:

java com.wikia.runescape.LogGetterServer ARGUMENTS_HERE 2>> log.log

Step-by-step guide for noobs[edit | edit source]

  1. Download and install this.
    32-bit Windows is the Windows x86 download, 64-bit Windows is the Windows x64 download.
  2. Create a directory called "com" somewhere easy to find (example: C:\Users\Me\alog-project), then inside that directory create a directory called "wikia", and inside that create a directory called "runescape".
  3. Go to User:a proofreader/, copy over all code, paste it in notepad, and save it as "" inside the \com\wikia\runescape directory you created in the previous step (example: C:\Users\Me\alog-project\com\wikia\runescape)
  4. Open the command line (cmd.exe), for example by typing "cmd" in the windows 7 search bar (in the Start menu) or typing "cmd" after pressing Windows-key + R.
    Note that in the command line, you can't paste using Ctrl+V. You need to click on the icon in the top-left corner, click on Edit and there click to paste.
  5. Go to C:\Program files\Java and check what directory the JDK is installed in, as done in step 1 (it will look like "jdk1.7.0_07"). Then, type SET PATH=%PATH%;%PROGRAMFILES%\Java\{jdkdir}\bin with {jdkdir} being the directory you just looked up.
  6. Type CD {directory}, {directory} being the directory you created the "com" directory in (example: CD C:\Users\Me\alog-project), in the command line.
  7. Type javac com\wikia\runescape\ in the command line.
  8. Go to IRC, poke a_proofreader repeatedly until she tells you her IP address and port.
  9. In the command line, type java com.wikia.runescape.LogGetterClient <IP> <Port> (without the angle brackets).
  10. If you want to interrupt the LogGetterClient, press Ctrl+C.
  11. You can make a batch file to put on your desktop or in a folder instead of typing in the code in to command line each time. To do this you open Notepad, and type the following, substituting the brackets with code:
CD C:<path of the directory where the com folder is located>
java com.wikia.runescape.LogGetterClient <IP> <port> 

Then go to Save As -> something.bat. It is important to type .bat at the end, and select "all files" in the dropdown below the filename box, otherwise it just saves as a text file. You should also make sure you did step 5 before running the code. To run the code afterwards, just open the .bat you just made.