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Image optimisation bot is still broken, and now my talk page is unusable because reading a Wikia global message doesn't clear the new messages box. As of 17 January I've had false new messages for 3 days. Wikia doesn't care. I'm not going to edit any longer.

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as Nebuleon.

A proofreader was a proofreader on the RuneScape Wiki.

Whenever s/he stumbled upon a spelling mistake on this wiki, a proofreader corrected it. A proofreader also accidentally some words in articles, as well as accidentally vandals and accidentally speedy deletion candidates on occasion.

About[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Undisclosed
  • Age: Adult (exact age undisclosed)
  • Sex and gender: Male and female, respectively
  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • Languages spoken: French, English

Bots[edit | edit source]

A proofbot[edit | edit source]

User:A proofbot made most of my semi-automated and automated edits, using an API-based command-line tool based on It mostly updated the clan hiscores and cleaned up some lengthy formatting introduced by Wikia's Visual Editor. I also dumped tasks on it as needed, like someone would dump tasks on their AutoWikiBrowser account.

Image optimisation bot[edit | edit source]

User:Image optimisation bot was the first bot of mine to be approved for use on the RuneScape Wiki. It used, which is a Java wrapper around the MediaWiki API, to grab, losslessly recompress, and re-upload PNG images and GIF animations on the wiki.

RSW image renamer[edit | edit source]

RSW image renamer was the second bot of mine to be approved for use on the RuneScape Wiki. It also used, but this one moved images on behalf of custodians and updated references towards the images on pages. Due to a bug, it is now shut down.

Music[edit | edit source]

I sometimes listened to the music in RuneScape when I played it. When I didn't, I listened — and still do listen — to chiptunes, trance, classical music, JPop, KPop...

Quests[edit | edit source]

I didn't often do quests, but when I did, it was a quest whose reward I needed. The last quest I had done was Lunar Diplomacy. With it, I could access a small part of the Lunar spellbook, enough to complete the Seers' Village Elite Task that requires the Fertile Soil spell. By extension, I could use the 400 LP version of the enhanced Excalibur before the Evolution of Combat update.

Darkness of Hallowvale and Monkey Madness are some of the most annoying quests I have done to date. I would say that I consider them more annoying than what many people think of One Small Favour, the stereotypical annoying fetch quest. I actually liked One Small Favour, because I knew that Jagex made it the mother of all fetch quests to poke fun at that kind of quest.

Quitting RuneScape[edit | edit source]

(and cancelling membership, which took effect on 4 August 2012)

Acorn 5.png
This page in a nutshell:
I quit RuneScape because of the Members Loyalty Programme and the Squeal of Fortune, which together made me lose faith in Jagex.

Multiple updates made me think that one now plays to pay, instead of pays to play. The updates since the Members Loyalty Programme made this more and more obvious.

The Members Loyalty Programme update itself made it so that you were rewarded for paying instead of playing. Luckily, at the time, the auras sucked, and the emotes were just a bit of fun. However, later on, they would release auras like Aegis...

Then came the Squeal of Fortune, an update that rewarded you for playing every day. Later on, they would release an extension to the Squeal allowing you to buy spins with real-life money. This is a moot point for some, but if you had money, you could buy spins, a lot of which gave you small XP lamps and medium XP lamps. Recently a player even went on record on the forums to say that they had gotten 99 Agility, Fishing, Runecrafting and Hunter with USD 900 worth of spins. Rewarding people for paying instead of playing, indeed!

I also hated the Squeal for its new rare, the fish mask: Jagex had previously gone on record saying that there would be no more rare or discontinued items in the game, and the fish mask suddenly appears out of nowhere.

The Squeal also had no lore to go with it, yet over 50% of updates in April to July are about it. Many update posts had prominent mentions of the obvious rhetoric, 'Of course, if you buy spins, you have more chances to get this exclusive item!' It feels out of place in the game.

Then came Mad May and, in quick succession, the planned removal or adjustments to bonus XP weekends, the Sizzling Summer promotion (heavily marketed, and making prominent mention of the monetary value of the items gotten for subscribing during August and September), and the Pendants of Skill. The Sizzling Summer promotion gives 700,000 experience at the end of the two months, on condition that you stay a member during the two months. The Pendants of Skill are on the Squeal of Fortune, underscoring buying spins as usual.

I have decided to cancel my membership and quit RuneScape for these reasons. I will still be on this wiki and the IRC.