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Bot crown.svg This bot is controlled by A proofreader.

Emergency Stop

Sysops may click the above link to block this bot if it should malfunction. In that case, please contact its operator to resolve the problem.

What is this?[edit | edit source]

This account performs A proofreader's low-volume semi-automated edits and low-volume automated edits.

What does this do?[edit | edit source]

  • This account updates the high scores page for the clan once a week, on Sunday at 00:00 UTC, via a cron job on Unix.
  • After a discussion, this account continuously monitors Special:RecentChanges and edits pages containing glitches left by Wikia's Visual Editor, after a delay in order to allow counter-vandalism. Glitches fixed by this bot are as follows:
    • Random {C, C} and {C} in articles, except in nowiki, pre, source and math tags, among others.
    • Full URL links to articles on the wiki itself.
    • <span> tags declaring black as their text colour explicitly, or a line-height of 20px, or both.
    • Duplicate categories at the end of articles.
    • Contiguous links pointing towards the same page. For example, [[God Wars Dungeon|God Wars Dungeo]][[God Wars Dungeon|n]].
    • Wikilinks whose text ends with a space. For example, [[God Wars Dungeon|God Wars Dungeon ]]. This is a glitch when editing a page having the shorter link, [[God Wars Dungeon]]. This rule started to exist on 18 November 2012.

How do I run this?[edit | edit source]

Some documentation and the source code are provided in /Source, should another user need to run this bot.

Users of other wikis can also use this code and adapt it to their wiki. No attribution is required, though the copyright notice must remain.