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Before anything... Why do I play this game? Can anybody name one thing that's fun in this game? At all?

Heil Guthix. I'm A Cadaver, a failed, semiretarded, level 114 'Scaper. I usually play almost every day (lies: twice a week maybe.), every night to a point in which the uncalculatable number reaches a point that cannot be counted by idiotic minds. Which is very likely between 2 and 4. I love quests, (Proud Quest Cape Owner) but since Jamflex is a NOOB, we rarely ever get new quests. I'll someday commit mass homicide in sixteen European countries, conquer Gaylenor with the penguins, betray penguins with sea slugs, Kamikaze the Nazis, and repeat the cycle until 1947. Like a boss. If I'm not on RuneScape or Minecraft, I'm probably dead and I offer everything in my bank to my Grandson, The Terminator II.


  • Leisure: Sailor's Hat, maroon shirt (circus), Quest Cape or Clan Cape, Trimmed Amulet of Glory, Barrows RFD Gloves, Staff of Light, Penance Master Horn.


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Clan[edit | edit source]

I own a clan in this game, I've owned it since October 2010. A large and growing community clan (130 Members as of June 27th 2011), It'd be great to have some fellow RSW'ers join. If you're Interested, please visit our forums on both the Clan Home and the Runescape Official Forums (I warn you, this one is filled beyond the brim with bad humor, but perhaps if you want a laugh, visit this. There's no sense of seriousness in the slightest form, not even in the rules. Wait, especially not in the rules.)

Stuff You Should Know (No, I don't have AIDS).[edit | edit source]

ME GUSTA:[edit | edit source]

ME GUSTA:[edit | edit source]

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La Galleria de Trollface[edit | edit source]

They see me trollin'. Yes, I troll most every day. Image gallery of such recordings coming soon when I decide to record some of my trolls.

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(Deleted this whole, extremely long orgy of userboxes. Will return with something better soon.)