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AMdbMA[edit | edit source]

What is "AMdbMA"?[edit | edit source]

This article is for AMdbMA, which is the ubiquitous handle for multiple RuneScape accounts, most notably "RS is my RX," "The Verbiage," and "Monolithica."

RS is my RX is AMdbMA's primary RuneScape account; The Verbiage is a character fashioned after the spirit of "DIY," or rather do-it-yourself (This account has never used the Grand Exchange or exchanged/traded/bartered with any other player); Monolithica is AMdbMA's defence pure.

AMdbMA is the custodial father of two children, noncustodial parent of 5; stepfather of 5, and paternal father of 1. For this reason, RuneScape is an afterthought and is treated as a lifestyle diversion.