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About Me (in runescape anyway)[edit | edit source]

Current Combat Level:  122

Current Cash:              680k (I just bought alot of dragon equipment)

Clan:                          Random Elites

Clan Rank:                 Owner

Top 3 friends:              Chuuuuuu, Stargentian, Shadi48

Favorite skill:              Smithing (level 48, goal 60)

Gender:                      Male

My thoughts on EOC[edit | edit source]

I actually like the changes they made in EOC, the combat is less boring now, instead of attack and eat.

The appearance change is liveable, but the worlds lag a little more. but runescape is a game where lag is not much of a problem.

My thoughts on the Wiki[edit | edit source]

We really need to update the wiki, we need the new items and stats, and at least 2 screenshots per page (male and female, if applicable) come on RS wiki, get on the ball! I'd do the screenshots my self if I had the GP to buy all the items.