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Welcome to my userpage. I don't want to get into my personal life so I will just skip that and get right to my Runescape career.

Favorite Skill: Runecrafting

Favorite 99: Woodcutting (because it was my first)

Favorite Minigame: Stealing Creation

Favorite In-Game item: Swagger Stick (now Diamond Crown/ Diamond Sceptre)

Favorite Pass Time: Talking to people at social gatherings weather its soul wars, clan wars, or even the grand exchange.

I started playing Runescape in 2007, when the graphics were considered better by some and when you sat in the general store waiting for someone to sell that one item you were trying to buy. When the community was at its peak and bots were taboo. Luring was unheard of and player-killing was actually worth the risk.

I started off playing Runescape as a non-member for about two and a half years, I had a combat level a little higher then 80 and was generally having fun. I became a member when a friend told me that it was worth the money, needless to say my friend was right. I am currently a member and plan on staying a member for as long as I continue to play Runescape. I tend to be a curtious person in game and out. I try to help people out weather it is by giving them advice on how to make money or generally find something worth while to do instead of standing around the grand exchange begging.

Future here at RsWiki:

I plan on helping out anyway I see fit, weather it is small things like spelling mistakes, or a major page that needs completion such as a new update. As most people know there are tons of pages and most of them are filled with very useful information and do not need editing. I will only be editing things that NEED to be edited, not edit things just to edit them.