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You hand over the smooth magical rune.

"Thank you, stranger!" The girl says.

You watch her to begin to cast a teleportation spell, but you soon realise it's not a teleportation spell for herself, it was a teleother aimed at you. You don't react quick enough and you are soon surrounded by magical light. The teleportation was complete. You soon find yourself in a dark cave that smelled of dead rats. You walk around, the floor crunching beneath your feat for some reason. You take out your tinderbox and light one of the torches on the walls. You take the torch out of it's holder and have a look around. The first thing you notice is how the ground is littered with bones of all shapes as sizes. You reconize many of them being human. You shudder. Just as you were wonder why of all places the girl chose to teleport you here, you see her engulfed by the same teleportation light you were surrounded by, and then it slither off of her. You notice as well your urge is no longer to go east, but to go south. But first you had to deal with a short child wearing a skirt.

"Why did you send me here?" You ask her.

"I know what you are looking for, and I know exactly where he is." She says.

"I don't need your help, I have this magic stone that will lead me right to him." You say.

"The stone does not lead you to him, it leads you to the way to him. And, have you noticed, the stone is leading you in my direction?" The child says.

"Lies." You say.

"Go ahead, walk around me, it will urge you in whatever direction I'm in."

You walk around the small girl, and, to your surprise, it does urge you toward the girl.

"Ok, so he must be in this cave, and I follow you to him?" You ask

"No," She says.

"You will head up the ladder over there, and, well, you'll figure it out." She says.

"All right." You say.

You head up the ladder. You find yourself in Meiyerditch, meters away from a Vampyre Guard dozing in a chair. With your... troubled history... with Meiyerditch you know that if any guard sees you, you're bound to be killed.

What do you do?

Sneak up behind the guard and finish him off with your sword.

Fire an arrow at the guard.

Cast a spell at the guard.