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You knock on the door. You hear some noises inside the old building, as if someone was struggling to move about. The lock clicks and the door opens. You look down and see on old man with a long, cloud white beard.

"Are you here about the quest I have to offer?" He asks.

"Yes." You say.

He somehow manages to pull a look of both gratefulness and excitment at the same time.

"You will look for my lost son?" He asks.

"I will." You say.

The old man rummages through his pockets and pulls out a stone.

"Here," He says.

"This was his, it will guide you to him." He hands you the stone.

The stone is warm to the touch, and clutching it in your palm, you have a strange urge to go east.

"I wish you well." The old man says.

"I will return with your son." You tell him as he closes the door.

You walk along the dirt pathway and stop in Varrock square, people bustling along by doing their buisness. You start to head east towards the passage to Morytania, when you come across a young girl, no older than 12 by your guess.

"Can you please help me?" She asks.

What do you say to her?

I'm busy, kid, maybe you could ask someone else.

Sure. What do you need help with? Homework? Is your cat in a tree?