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Hey there, I'm 9potterfan (obviously)

Indroduction[edit | edit source]

So far I am a level 62 and my highest level being magic and 52.


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Strength through chaos.
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as 9potterfan.
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Combat level[edit | edit source]

Combat level
Defence 49 Constitution 10
Prayer 27 Summoning 1
Attack 50 50.5 50
Strength 50
Ranged 28 36 36
Magic 52 51.75 51

Likes & dislikes[edit | edit source]

Likes: Well I like smithing, Mining, Combat, Magic and Theiving.


Well I really don't like hunter, construction, and slayer.

Current questions[edit | edit source]

If anyone can answer this in my talk page... How do you make a signature, and actual signature, like if you put 9potterfan 17:17, 9 September 2007 (UTC) then your name will show up. How do you make your signature change?

What I think of Summoning...[edit | edit source]

I think people were really excited for the release of Summoning, and what they got was...was...was...A DISAPPOINTMENT!...And that's what I think of Summoning.