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I've played Runescpae for five years and am a member. I have completed nearly every quest and always strive to complete tasks.

I don't like to skill but am willing to do it if it's needed for something I want. I love teleportation and don't let my ancient magic get in the way of my transportaion. My casual wear alone can teleport me to six different places and the items in my pack allow me to teleport to 7 more places (i have a teleport set that will take me more than 30 places)

I hope to contribute my years of experience to this wiki and to do the best possible with what little scripting skill I have.

Summoning-icon.png Draco Hunter-icon.png 12:01, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

                           Supreme harmony aura.png   Full slayer helmet (e) (red).png
                           Ardougne cloak 3.png   Desert amulet 2.png   Bolt rack 5.png
                        Korasi's sword.png      Dharok's platebody.png      File:Enhanced excalibur.png

                                 Morytania legs 3.png

                       Karamja gloves 3.png      Fremennik sea boots 3.png       Explorer's ring 4.png