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My in game user name is also 68_Killers if anyone wants to add me. I'm very interested in the dwarfs of Keldagrim and the history behind them. I'm also interested in Zamorak, Guthix, and Saradomin I like to learn about who worships them and where they have churches.

Keldagrim is my biggest interest in Runescape. It's home to "The Giant Dwarf" and a lot of other quests, along with the Cosortium and The Black Guard. It's also the capital of the Dwarven realm. The dwarves are very good with mining and some dwarves are great blacksmiths. The city has great geography to it, for example the Kelda river and it's surrounded by rock and is underground, protected from invasions.

My favorite bar in Runescape is probably the bar in Pollinivech if I spelt that right. It has whiskey, grog, and vodka. So if you're looking for a good drink I'd suggest going there.

Another cool thing to do while in Runescape is become a Temple Knight and a White Knight. You get really cool armor for your character but you must pay for both armors. For the White armor you must kill 1,300 black knights to get all of there armor. Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashein to start the quests needed.

My Highest skill is fishing it's 53.

My character is a level 56.

I'm also a great person for questing if it was a skill I'd be close to getting a skill cape in it soon.

I like to go on Wilderness expos. a lot so I've learned a lot about the wildy and how dangerous it is without food.

I usually use rune armor to fight and I use my White armor and Temple Knight armor for show usually.

I have fun hunting with my friends and exploring new parts of Runescape everyday it's awesome.