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Useful Friend Chats for just about anything.[edit | edit source]

Distractions & Diversions
  • DemonMobs FC (For Demon Flash Mobs)
  • Evil Tree FC (For Evil Trees)
  • Fast Effigy (For Assisting Effigy)
  • FishFlingers (For Fish Flingers)
  • Harmed Ore (For Harmonised Ores) during max hours If full, use 'Harmed Ore1' or 'Harmed Ore2, or 'Harmed Ore3'
  • NemiForest (For 9/9 Nemi Forests and Mazcab content help)
  • Soulobby (For Menaphos Soul Obelisks and Scarabs)
  • Star Find (For Shooting Stars)
  • Tree Hunters (For Evil Trees)
  • Tree Hunt (For Crystal Tree Locations)
  • WhirlpoolDnD (Deep Sea Fishing)
  • World60pengs (For Penguin Hunting)
  • W60 Find Pen (Penguin Hunting)
  • AncientSouls (For Castle Wars Games)
  • Bafcw (For Castle Wars Games)
  • BA Teams (For Barbarian Assault Games)
  • Fast SC (Non Combat Stealing Creation)
  • Goldtrimmers (For Castle Wars Games)
  • Hybrid Top (For finding partners to get a 'Hybrid Top')
  • Wentworth (For Barbarian Assault Games)
  • 90weps pc (Price checking T90+ weapons)
  • Nex and SS (Price checking Nex, GWD2 and Corporal Beast items)
  • R Quark (Price checking any discontinued rares) (No Treasure Hunter rares)
  • TH Rares PC (Price checking any Squeal of Fortune/Treasure Hunter rares)
  • LSKK247 (LootShare Kalphite King Masses)
  • LSPVM247 (LootShare Boss Masses)
  • LS Nex 247 (LootShare Nex Masses)
  • NexAodMass (Angel of Death Masses)
  • Nex AoD (Angel of Death Experienced Small Teams)
  • Rago PvM (Vorago Masses)
  • Raid FC (Liberation of Mazcab)
Skilling & XP Support
  • Altar (Open Gilded Altar's for prayer)
  • DgRevolution (Dungeoneering)
  • Portables (Sharing Portable item locations)
  • CoreHunting (Hall of Memories Cores)
  • Saint Cannon (Achievement Helping)

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