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Shade Silverwing
Gender Male
Born 1995
Tree Haven, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died 2002
Place of death Underworld
Resting place Tree Haven
Residence Tree Haven, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nationality Canadian/American
Partner Marina Brightwing
Children Griffin Silverwing
Parents Cassiel and Ariel Silverwing
Website No website

Shade Silverwing is a young Silverwing bat who was teased by his friends by being the runt of the colony. However, he is determine to prove himself on the long winter migration to Hibernaculum. After being struck out of the colony's reach by a lighting strike, he meets a lot of fellow bats, including Marina, which later become his mate.

He based on the real-life Silver-haired bat.

Shade casting Fruitfall-wait wait wait, that's not him...

Early years[edit | edit source]

Shade was born in Tree Haven in 1995. He was born prematurely, and his mother wasn't sure that he would survive. Within a few weeks, he would eat the munched-up bugs that his mother caught for him. His fur started to grow, and turn silvery-black. Everyone in the nursery, was surprised to see Shade took his first leap and become airborne. They're now sure that he would survive.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Stop hand nuvola red.svg Warning: Some spoilers below.

Being the runt of the colony, he was often teased by his peers. One day, Shade makes a bet with Chinook and glimpsed the sun. But it is against the law to peek at the sun. This angers the owls, who burn down their roost, Tree Haven, as compensation. One night while the colony was migrating, he was blown down to an island, and is determined to catch up with his colony.

During his journey, he meets up with Marina, a Brightwing bat abandoned by her colony because of her band. They soon become good friends and travel together. When they arrive in the city, they are caught by pigeons, accusing them of killing other pigeons. They escaped, and stayed at a cathedral. At the cathedral, they become friends with an albino bat named Zephyr who can see into the past and future. But they also meet two giant cannibal bats named Goth and Throbb from the South American jungle. He faces many remarkable challenges. Eventually he reaches Hibernaculum.

Middle years[edit | edit source]

Searching for his father[edit | edit source]

Shade, Marina, Ariel, Chinook, and Frieda go in search of Shade's father. Shade is lured to the building where his father had supposedly disappeared. The humans sew an explosive device to his stomach. They cart him, along with thousands of other bats. Goth had survived the lightning strike and was put on the same helicopter as Shade and Chinook. They were being taken far to the south.

After their arrival they were dropped over the jungle, they were suicide bat bombers. Shade escapes, and he finds out some horrible news. Goth is now the king of the Vampyrum Spectrum after his loyal king died. Shade soon finds out his father was imprisoned by the vampyrum. He thwarts Goth's plans to resurrect the all mighty lord of darkness Cama Zotz. Goth must sacrifice 100 hearts before the end of the eclipse. Shade barely escapes the temple's destruction when the high priest drops the explosive that had been lodged to Goth. At the end of the book, Marina asks Shade to be her mate, to which he agrees.

Griffin[edit | edit source]

After Shade's father was found, Shade mates with Marina and had a son named Griffin. Griffin was a Silverwing-Brightwing hybrid. Due to his mixed lineage, he's physically unique as compared to the other Silverwing newborns; as a result, he's self-conscious and feels like an outcast. He is a constantly worrying over anything and everything and his overactive imagination provides him with colourful answers to the question 'what's the worst that can happen?'. He ends up being sucked into the Underworld after accidentally causing Luna's death.

Shade's final days[edit | edit source]

Shade goes to save his son Griffin, after he had been sucked into the Underworld by an open fissure. While there, he befriends the ghosts of several deceased bats. Murk an old vampyrum, Java a giant flying fox, and Nemo an old fishing bat, and another Silverwing bat named Yorick. Shade battles with the ghost of Goth, the antagonist of the prior books. He even attempts to outsmart Cama Zotz, the evil god of the Vampyrum spectrum.

Death[edit | edit source]

Ultimately, Shade fails to stop Goth from killing Griffin and stealing his soul. To resurrect him, Shade flies to a very high altitude, saying his last words: "I'm sorry Marina" before plunging to his death. Griffin comes back to life after absorbing his father's soul. Griffin's deceased friend Luna also absorbs some of Shade's life force, and comes back to life.