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Biography[edit | edit source]

jerrywei1996chathead1.png Follis (formerly Jerrywei1996) was created on 2 September 2007 after he found a link on MiniClip, and decided to press that link whereas he found this magnificent game called "RuneScape".

After creating the account and graduated from the "RuneScape school", he wandered around Lumbridge, finding stuff to do. He looks in his skills panel, and thought "Fishing is a cool skill...I'll train it".

After some questing, he wandered into the deep depths of the Wilderness, and killed a level 5. Sadly, he was killed later by a level 50 strength pure. He regrets that moment.

On 10 December 2007, on the main page, Jagex added an update to the Wilderness and added a trade limit. He read it and he was both happy, and sad. The happy news is that PKing is gone in the Wilderness. The sad news is that there was a trade limit of 3000 gp. Now, his friends cannot give him free stuff. So, he wandered into the Wilderness again (bringing four items just in case), saw this meter with the familiar word "Level 1", except it has a face of a Fear reaper. He joined a train, and they were protesting about the new trade limit, and want to bring PKing back. The leader led the train to Bounty Hunter (now called "Wilderness Volcano"). After gaining more protesters, the leader led the train to Clan wars and logged out. Jerrywei1996 wandered off the train, went north-west of the Wilderness, until he saw a level-30 Revenant goblin. He ran over to it, fought it and said "This will be easy". Suddenly, the revenant healed, and he could not believe his own eyes. He fled north until he was in the Demonic ruins, and he died by the Greater demons.

In the spring of 2008, he regretted the moment where he died by a Greater demon after suffering injuries to a revenant. So, he packed up for the trip, and joined a revenant hunting clan. After long hours of slicing and dicing revenants, it is time to go home.

On 6 June 2008, one of his friends invited him to World 1 for a riot. He quickly world hopped, and saw all the commotion in the Varrock square. He joined in the riot where he spammed and was muted the next day. He sent an appeal to Jagex, but it was denied.

On 1 July 2008, RuneScape HD was released, and he cannot wait to try it out (without seeing the "members beta"). After waiting a minute and a half for the game to load, he realised that he couldn't logged in. "Am I banned?" he said. So, he read the notice carefully, and said "Wtf, members' only??". He went back to the old detail and suffered severe lag. He then noticed his Rune full helm's plume has been coloured red. He tried to sell it in the Grand Exchange for the price of a Zamorak full helm, but that didn't work. He logged out, and never logged in until 3 days later. During the summer heat, he found out how to do the Bounty Hunter skull glitch, and revealed it to several friends.

The last two seasons of 2008 was a wonderful time of year. At his level 80s, he ran into some strangers who later become friends. On 16 October 2008, he found this wiki and joined. November came, and he joined Sparkey46, a Revenant hunting clan until Summer of 2009, which then he joined Playpro5 in June 2009.

IRL facts[edit | edit source]

My house is somewhere here. Lol And no, it's not the house on the corner.

He currently resides in a large metro city of Vancouver. Vancouver (pronounced /vænˈkuːvər/) is a coastal city and major seaport located in the Lower Mainland of south-western British Columbia, Canada. The timezone is GMT -8 (-7 in DST). He lives with his sister, brother and his two parents. He is half Chinese and half Caucasian (don't ask why). That's all you'll get from him, nothing else, no address or postal code, nothing else.

Activities[edit | edit source]

In RuneScape, he likes to hunt Revenants. If bored, he will grab a random objective. The table on the next section tells me where he can be found.

Clan[edit | edit source]

He can be usually found in Playpro5's clan chat. He was one of the first Revenant Hunters in the game. His current rank on the clan is "Captain"Captain icon.png.

On the weekends, he can be found in Kathryns Bow's clan chat for Revenant hunting. His current rank on the clan is "General"General icon.gif. Don't spam or start being disruptive. He can kick.

Private chat policy[edit | edit source]

He will sometimes have his Private chat on. If he does, this is the policy he created:

Please note that I may not respond, as I am busy. If he doesn't respond, refrain from spamming, or say "hi" to his ignore list. Also don't ask personal questions, or flame. Doing so will have an automatic ignorance and you may be reported.