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I started playing Runescape back when in 2002 after my cousin showed me the game. Although I've been playing longer than most level 138s in the game, everyone's still better than me. I guess I just take time to stop and smell the roses in the game, I'm not really an efficient player :P My first username was reptile_man7 and the first 8 years I played I had never been a member. In 2010, I moved away from my home and met some new kids on my block who also played RS, so I got back into it and eventually got sucked into buying a 3-month membership at the local 7-11. Ever since, I've tried to level my stats as best I could, while still maintaining a reasonable social life :P Although it's harder to find time to play nowadays, I still manage to Scape it up every now and then.5th of Nov 18:08, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

5th of Nov

Attack 86

Constitution 94

Mining 74

Strength 99

Agility 66

Smithing 70

Defence 85

Herblore 65

Fishing 78

Ranged 91

Thieving 67

Cooking 80

Prayer 86

Crafting 67

Firemaking 80

Magic 83

Fletching 70

Woodcutting 83

Runecrafting 65

Slayer 86

Farming 70

Construction 81

Hunter 71

Summoning 80

Dungeoneering 81

Divination ----

Invention ----

As of 25 April 2014