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Hello. This is 5512tyuiop here to tell about mathematics, life, and mathematics.

As said in my trivia section, I once made a math test in which all the answers were 1337. I can not disclose the whole test as i do not want to discount the website it is currently on (The Art of Problem Solving), and much of the test is in LaTeX, and i do not want to reformat it. Another section (you could say a companion test) to the aforementioned test is a 8 question test full of incredibly difficult questions that noone should attempt without at least a computer. Here is one of the simplest ones of the 8: Find the sum of the reciprocals of the first 90000 natural numbers.

Here is one of the most tedious: (slightly reformatted) Icy001 plays a game in which he flips a coin an infinitely many number of times. Icy 001 wins when he flips a string of consecutive heads that has length greater than the total number of tails he has already flipped. (For example, H is a winning dequence, THH is a winning sequence, but TTHH is not necessarily a winning sequence) Find the probability that Icy001 wins. NOTE: The answer is not one as confirmed by a good friend of mine from Missouri.

I have also written some calculus problems, and here is my favorite problem: Find the volume of the region occupied by a unit cube spinning about its space diagonal.

for all of you who remotely understand the problem, the region is quite a complex shape and can not be easily governed by the rules of 10th grade geometry.

My idol in math is René Descartes as he was the first mathematician to think of the Cartesian Plane. Whenever I am faced with a difficult geometry problem, i often resort to coordinate bashing before trying any other techniques. Coordinate bashing is a technique in which all points are plotted on the cartesian plane, all essential segments are written in slope intercept form, and equations often get long and messy.

My most pressing goal in math is to finish a Number Sense test (search it on any engine) in a pretty darn fast time. I have not yet assigned a concrete time to be a pretty darn fast time, but as of now, my fastest confirmed time is 3 minutes and forty-one seconds.