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{{construction}} 1st July, 2008. HD released. New website. Price Increase. Servers down for 30 minutes. Tons of glitches. One year later, let's take a look at what players think about this, and how has this update influenced Runescape and its Community. In this article, I will interview some kind players on Runescape, Forums, IRC's, and Runescape Wikia Users that drop by [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|the Talk Page]]. <center><small>''DISCLAIMER: The following sentences represent solely the views of the people interviewed, and not of [[User:4ndrepd|4ndrepd]] or anyone else.''</small></center> __NOTOC__ I will be interviewing with diffrent avatars from other sites or the game. These include Andre P D, AndrePD, Andre.P.D, andrepd, etc. ==Runescape Players (In-Game)== '''Andre P D:''' Hello. '''PD:''' Could you please give me some minutes for an Interview? ''(fletches for a while)'' '''Anonymous Fletcher:''' About wut? '''PD:''' Runescape HD '''AF:''' Ye '''PD:''' What was your opinion on the topic, when HD was released? '''AF:''' I wasnt P2P then '''AF:''' But i still likd the sd update '''AF:''' And the hd, a week later or so '''PD:''' Some players didn't like the bugs and the downtime from the HD update and '''PD:''' Some even started riots. What do you think about that? '''AF:''' Idk '''AF:''' I only saw the update the next day '''PD:''' So you saw no downtime nor any significant glitches? '''AF:''' I havnt realized that there wuz downtime '''AF:''' Nope '''PD:''' One last question '''AF:''' Wait '''AF:''' Banking brb ''(waiting for while)'' '''AF:''' There '''PD:''' So, one last question: '''PD:''' Do you still enjoy HD today, or is it something you already forgot? '''PD:''' Do you still play in HD regulary? '''AF:''' Ye '''AF:''' Sumtimes i dont cuz there is too much lag '''AF:''' Liek in ge or gwd '''PD:''' Ok, thanks for your help, the interview will be published in Runescape Wiki Post. '''PD:''' ****** it '''PD:''' Oops... '''PD:''' G00 '''PD:''' Gle it ==Runescape Players (Varied Forums)== ==Non-Runescape Players (Multiple Sources)== ==Runescape Wikia Users ([[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|Talk Page]])==