RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #11: Health of Gielinor population improves drastically, damage dealing skyrockets too

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Issue #11

The Gielinor population is unanimous: the resistance, endurance and general health of the entire world seems to have grown drastically. From Varrock to Ardougne, from Port Phasmatys to Lletya, everybody seems to agree in that fact. We interviewed some people, so as to try to understand the dimension of this phenomenon, and the reason why it has happened.

"I feel at least ten times more resistant to those stupid goblins." says phr3st0f, a Lumbridge inhabitant. "Time to own some noobs!" he says, before charging at a group of goblin in brown mails with a slightly rusting bronze sword. We could not help but notice, however, that he seemed to have the same difficulty as ever in slaying the beast, in fact, after an intense (opinions may vary) battle, he ended up dying and reappearing on the other side of us, on the opposite bank of the river, an expression of the utmost frustration on his face.

This, plus a few more reports of much more aggressive monsters, led us to believe that, in general, the aggressiveness of the beasts of the entire planet has also risen dramatically. For one, warriors fighting in the TzHaar Fight Caves have found the obsidian beasts to be much tougher than normal, with TzTokJad, for instance, landing punches that dealt as much as 970 damage to the adventurers in question! Even the common street thugs can now deal damage before only reachable by fearsome beasts the black demons.

It seems, however that this increase in the resistance and agressivity has also happened vice versa. The human strength and the monster constitution have both suffered major increases. Also, I've noticed that the super weapon poison I use to impregnate my dragon daggers with has also become much more effective than it used to be, and so did other poisons and diseases. Even traps, chests and many other dangerous items and artefacts seem to be much more powerful than before. A special note goes to nitroglycerine, which, experts at the Digsite state, "Has increased its explosive power tenfold, according to tests done after the sudden changes."

Finally, chefs and Master Cooks at the Cooks' Guild, west of Varrock, have reached a mutual consent as to an abrupt increase in the quality of the various dishes known in Gielinor. At first, they thought it was a new recipe, or a dish with injected Saradomin Brew. "We had some cases like that before". But now, the Head Chef goes so far as to state that "There is a considerable increase in the quality of the food and drink, difficult though it is to quantify that. And therefore an increase in the nutritional value was also verified."

The list of affected things could go on forever, but this just leaves us interrogating: Why? Nobody knows, but some rumours go that it has something to do with noobs ...

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