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This is a documentation subpage for User:4madness/DPL/Infobox recipe/template2.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

A surrogate template used with the DynamicPageList extension to concisely summarise the ingredients and XP of a Herblore potion.


The template will work with any page that uses {{Infobox recipe}}, but is designed for use with Herblore potions.

To use the template, add {Infobox recipe|User:4madness/DPL/Infobox_recipe/template2} to the include line of a DPL query.

This template is identical to /template, with the exception of another column listing non-herblore XP gained for an action.


Using the following code:

  namespace =
  category = Unfinished potions
  include = {Infobox recipe|User:4madness/DPL/Infobox recipe/template2}
  count = 10
  tablesortcol = 2
  noresultsheader = {{User:4madness/DPL/Infobox recipe/header|allxp=yes|noresults=yes}}
  format = {{User:4madness/DPL/Infobox recipe/header|allxp=yes}},,,|}

produces the following result:

Potion Level Herblore XP Primary ingredient Secondary ingredient(s) P2P icon.png Quests Other XP