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This page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.


This calculator allows you to query the RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch for a subset of data. For an alternate way to use the module this calculator is built on, see User:4madness/Sandbox/GEMW Smithed Items.


 template  = User:4madness/Calculators/GEMW Smithed Items/template
 form      = gemwSmithedForm
 result    = gemwSmithedResult
 param     = group|Smithed Item group|Pickaxes|select|Armour,Melee,Pickaxes,Ranged,Sets,Misc
 param     = material|Material|All|select|All,Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamant,Rune,Orikalkum,Necronium,Bane,Elder rune
 param     = min|Min. Upgrade Tier|0|select|0,1,2,3,4,5
 param     = max|Max. Upgrade Tier|5|select|0,1,2,3,4,5
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