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Deputy owner clan rank.png This user is a deputy owner of the clan Runescape University.

Thea Crystal, also known as Alethea Chiu, Al Zahar, and 400281, is a level 131 Player Character who can be found roaming anywhere in Gelinor. She also may be fought in many combat minigames. Even with a combat level of 131, she is actually fairly weak with 9600 health and an extremely rare 3000 max hit. Like many other EOC bosses, she is able to use abilities.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Brought Zaros back to Gelinor without the help of Ancient Magics

Brought vengeance upon the murderer known as The Kendal

History[edit | edit source]

Wolves of Guthix - Recruit->Sergeant

Guthixian Warriors - Recruit->Sergeant->Lieutenant->Organizer

Gutho-Zarosian Hand->Sea to Sea - Deputy Owner

City of Carthage - Organizer

Caradhras->Runescape University - Admin->Organizer->Coordinator->Overseer


Runescape University - Deputy Owner