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3rd Age Stats and Goals Page:[edit | edit source]

This was made to help me keep track of my goals. As I no longer update it, it will/has become out of date.

Stat goals[edit | edit source]

72 agility

60 dungeoneering

72 prayer

87 range

75 slayer accomplished!

94 mage

99 construction accomplished!

66 thieving accomplished!

78 farming accomplished, going for 80

66 hunter accomplished ages ago but i forgot to cross off!

Possible stat goals[edit | edit source]

85 str

82 dungeoneering gave up, see all music tracks gunna ignore that limitation for now

99 mage

14.3m fletch xp

75 agility

80 farm

72 summon

88 range

82 str

Quest goals[edit | edit source]

rag and bone man miniquest accomplished for 75 [email protected]!!!!

dungoneering notes miniquest

ancient cavern notes miniquest

thieving caper miniquests accomplished!

Item goals[edit | edit source]

giant champion scroll

armadyl top accomplished! sold back, for now finally accomplished, will not sell back!

armadyl plateskirt accomplished! sold back, for now finally accomplished, will not sell back!

gold-trimmed wizard robes

10m in cash

guilded set

dragon chainbody accomplished!

karils top accomplished!

crystal bow accomplished!

law talismen staff gave up, may still get but unlikely

hexcrest accomplished

blast fusion hammer accomplished!

armadyl helmet accomplished!

dragon boots accomplished!

abyssal whip accomplished!

ranger boots accomplished!

robin hat accomplished!

staff of light accomplished!

trimmed amulet of str accomplished!

wizard boots accomplished!

white elegant top accomplished!

white elegant skirt accomplished!

morrigons top accomplished!

veracs set accomplished!

saradomin vestiments accomplished!

saradomin ranger set accomplished!

darkbow accomplished!

saradomin rune armour set accomplished!

gold trimmed rune armour set accomplished!

blessed spirit sheild no longer need, so gave up. may get on other account

blue infinity set dont need on this account

black cav accomplished!

flared pants accomplished!

top hat accomplished!

dragon pickax accomplished!

dragon ax accomplished!

more extra potions in case of merch clans accomplished!

1900 soul runes accomplished!

1900 blood runes accomplished!

1900 death runes accomplished!

300 law runes accomplished!

morrigons coif accomplished!

highwayman mask gave up. will get on another account, maby

rune kightsheild (g) not likely to get this, not sure why i wanted it in the first place o.0

zamorak spear dont need on this account

ahrims set accomplished!

battle robe top will get on different account

battle robe hood will get on different account

battle robe bottoms will get on different account

kingly impling accomplished!

royal crown accomplished!

Possible item goals[edit | edit source]

bandos chesplate

bandos tassets

bandos boots

magic brawling gloves

elite quest kit


kuradal's ring accomplished thanks to weeks penguins.

gem bag

magical blastbox

law staff

scroll of life

tomb of frost

arcane stream necklace gave up, see all music tracks gunna ignore that limitation for now

chaotic staff gave up, see all music tracks just not worth the trouble fairly sure ill at least try to get

blue dragon mask

mithril dragon mask

saradomin bow

cat staff

saradomin arrows

armadyl d'hide set

biscuits may still get but don't really see the point

arcane spirit sheild too expensive, not worth the trouble

mercinarys gloves gunna get on range pure instead, more useful there

gravite 2h ik its awsome for ftp, but not worth the effort.

chaotic kitesheild gave up, see all music tracks dont guess i'll b getting but still kinda want dont need defensive meele items

chaotic crossbow gave up, see all music tracks just not worth the trouble

chaotic longsword gave up, see all music tracks will ignore this limitation for now don't need this meele weapon on a mage account

ancient statuette will get ancient on other account, getting sara on here

mages book no need really, may or may not get on other accounts.

santa hat too expensive, might get on runescape classic instead though this is unlikely. may get other rares instead if they ever go back to ge price.

opulet table accomplished!

ringmaster legs accomplished!

ringmaster boots accomplished!

megaphone accomplished!

full rune heraldic accomplished!

BOLD= items i need to get now. reason for this need may be because of a crash or rising or new item release.

Other goals[edit | edit source]

all music tracks impossble to achieve considering dung would get me to 1900 total, thus ruining my acount. ignoring this for now

all court summons

burthrope games room ranks- not sure what I want here just want something to indicate I am not a noob.

fill coal trucks Accomplished! I think....

maxed healer rank in barbarian assalt Accomplished in a day!

at least 350 stored sc points

all dungoneering prayers lost intrest

compete the shattered heart statue finally!

bones to peaches spell accomplished after a ton of playing a horrible [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

Possible other goals[edit | edit source]

full cwars level 2

2000 fist of guthix rank

demonic throne was just for status, which isnt worth 1 of the 25 million gps it would cost.