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week 1:[edit | edit source]

these rants are from Update:Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010).

first off, the event seemed a bit unoriginal. really exactly the same as last years event, except without impling and instead having the factory management minigame. i liked the factory management quite a bit, but i was still rubbed the wrong way by the unoriginality. imo, the update should get 7/10.

the main rant came from the patch notes, and jagex making the lumbrige dummies for players under lvl 15 magic only. this was completely uncalled for, not to mention pointless. they say it was to stop bots and afkers- but, they also say they have this extremely awesome bot detection system. jagex, aether admit you fail terribly at detecting bots, which you do, or stop screwing around with our content. as for afkers, now they have to waist a entire law rune, and an entire fire rune, and pick up a big air staff to teleport to varrock, and then they must run all the way to edgeville to cast their stuns on wilderness skeletons. JAGEX, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

rules rant[edit | edit source]

alright- the strongest, most necessary, and likely longest-existing rule: do not kill. and yet, if someone is holding a trigger to a explosive that will detonate half a city, most people will view the sniper that kills him before he can press the trigger to be a hero. this proves that, even the most necessary, and important rule MUST be broken at some times. but not all rules are this necessary. for example, theres the rule being discussed here. we all agree that the rule is protecting nobody, nor is there any reason for it to exist except for the fact that jagex wants to keep its secretes hidden and yet is too dumb to figure out a way other then making a unenforceable rule against us viewing them to keep them hidden. if the first type of rule is breakable sometimes, this rule should be breakable most, if not all, of the time. and then theres the 3rd kind of rule: rules that were made by idiots, and thus are too vague to be clear if they really exist or not. this also fits into that category. and yet, to my great annoyance, people INSIST on following rules of all 3 variety, even if following does much more harm then breaking.

rules rant- part 2[edit | edit source]

LOL, it got reopened. thanks alot neutral admin, u just made my day. forget this space and continue on to the study rant.

study rant[edit | edit source]

jagex, for no reason at all, has moved my crystal of power forward, making the room look absolutly horrable. honestly, its stuff like this that keeps me firmly anti-jagex.

admins rant[edit | edit source]

these days it seems as though admins are about getting lots of attension rather then about being good editors. oh, and why does

keep following me whereever i go? at least heat is better then spam.

SC rant[edit | edit source]

first off, theres the stile that lets u into sc. and then it kicks you out again. jagex, remove this peice of crap and replace it with a portal or something.

secondly, theres unbalanced feilds. THE LOCATIONS OF C5 CLAY WILL ALWAYS decide the who will win the game. peroid.

lastly, and worstly, why is the game ending early? no, im not lagging. well maby i am, but i dont mean 10 seconds early, or even a terrible 30 seconds early, i just had a game end FOUR MINUTES early. this needs to be stopped.

and dont even get me started about clans and base camping.....

at least it seems as though well be getting something epic next week. looking forward to that.

week 2:[edit | edit source]

these rants are from the new skill update that i cant be bothered to hunt down.

oh god. where do i start.

first off, this would be called a minigame, not a skill. and defiantly not an "activity".

secondly, whats with only 10 more bank spaces? FOR EVERY NEW ITEM COMING INTO THE GAME, JAGEX SHOULD ADD 2 BANKSPACES. is it really that hard? this, imo, is the biggest disappointment.

next, the MINIGAME switched me off ancients. thats ok during the game, but when i come out i should get set back to the proper spellbook.

for further proof its a minigame:

it has its own world. are there any "construction" or "fletching" worlds? i think not.

it goes up to 120: maby thats not a minigame, but its not a skill aether.

if it was a skill the rewards would be tradable so u could profit from it. minigames are the ones that give untradable stuff.

lets see, what else here...

the entire thing is a let down. i cant believe it took a year to make- i mean srsly- a good, lvl 500+ magic boss would made me happier then this... iv not gotten very far into it and dont play to due to the fact that it takes you off ancients spellbook, but still. it doesnt seem as though it will get any different. and a good lvl 500+ magic boss wouldnt take as long to develop, im sure. even a midsized quest like dragon slayer could have been better.

oh and the magic prayer should boost magic damage by 5%, accuracy by 15%, and defense against meele attacks by 20%.

discounted items rant[edit | edit source]

these stupid items jump, giving players unearned wealth. no, i dont mean the steady rise that discounted items sould have- thats fair. but most discounted items went - within only a couple weeks- from being unwanted junk to easily some of the most valuable items on rs. thus, if you perchased one and kept it for 2 years, im guessing u made about 1m at most. but if u got 1 right before the spike and kept it for 2 years, im guessing you made about 70m. thats not steady, and its not fair.

jagex being morons rant[edit | edit source]

jagex ruined the forums. worst update ever. and i mean it thist time.

problem with the update #1
nobody asked for it. i know u can- and should- be coming up with own ideas, but it was something very big that nobody asked for. why bother with it?
problem with the update #2
not telling us about it. there are 2 reasons for this being bad: first off, you say that you will not remove it because you worked really hard on it. perhaps if u had told us what you where up to we could have given some suggestions on how to make it better, or convinced you to abandon the project all together.
secondly, even a days noticed. not even asking for feedback, but just a warning. i could have at least copyed stuff on the threads that there deleted.
problem with the update #3
removing future and jlite- why must u remove them? i dont get how removing these gets rid of spammers/makes the forums less likely to destroy threads. i could see if u removed rants or something like that, which was full of spam. but jlite? u betrayed your biggest fans, jagex. and future never did anything to u...
problem with the update #4
splitting communitys. why do you feel the need to split up communitys? maby there were trolls being immature and such, but couldnt u have made it so it was up 2 us who we hung out with and who posted on our threads?
problem with the update #5
splitting by level. total level doesnt equal maturity. simple as that. couldnt u do it by number of forum offenses or something like that?
problem with the update #6
you simply have to remove it. i dont care how hard you worked, there are times when you simply MUST change something, even your a dictatorship. and jagex, you cannot be a dictatorship, you need the support of us. its not like a few ranters, its united, 100% opposing the update. NOBODY likes it, why keep it? wasnt the purpose of the update to please us?
problem with the update #7
rants and compliments. i dont know much about this, but iv heard its a big deal 4 some ppl.

problem with the update #8:
you wont change it back, no matter what we do. even if literally every user who ever created an account ranted, you wouldnt even come closer to considering to change it back. you have said this yourself. so why make a feedback forum for it? why allow feedback at all?
sometimes jagex, u must admit u made a mistake.

dng'eering tokens rant[edit | edit source]

When Dungeoneering was released and I say the outrageous cost and requirements for the rewards. I said to myself I wouldn't train it anymore until they fixed it. They made some changes, but didn't fix it...
"Dungeoneering reward items have had their costs reduced to a more suitable amount. Anyone who has already bought any of these items will find they have been refunded the difference in reward tokens."
Now, for the cheapest item, the gem bag(level 25), it is 2k tokens. We get 1 token for every 10 xp. So to get the cheapest reward you need 20k xp or level 33 only 224 xp from 34.
For the reward with the lowest level, the bonecrusher(level 21), you need 34k tokens or 340k xp. This is at level 62.
This is a major problem, and a even bigger one if you plan on getting more than one reward.

-this is copyed from the forums. im 2 lazy 2 type a rant up myself, so i thought id copy and past 1 that fit my opinions. complain on my talk page if u dislike this new style of ranting.

theif guide and quest rant[edit | edit source]

ok, so even i admit this was a good update. however, i REALLY miss the days u could drop and keep quest items. id say that was about 93.8% of why i did quests -.-....

also dont like the low lvl req for the theif's guild.

i must say, however, the miniquests are good and worth the time, and i like it that the varrock center is getting busier. someday, in my dreams, it will have as many stalls as ardy, but non theifable.

and sorry ppl, i havent been ranting as much as i should be.

runefest rant[edit | edit source]

6.3 outa 10 for the concept of a runefest.

copy copy copy.... not to be like all those other morons who spam the forums with zomg rs is just like wow now!, but the runefest is basically a copy of a (wow?) thing. considering wow copys d&d, it may be a d&d thing also, i dont know and i dont care. but its a bad idea.

i dont see why they would serve alchol, as im sure at least 50% of rs players are <18, 21, or whatever they consider the drinking age in the uk.

and the ingame item. flag, banner, or whatever it is of fests or something. this, is, imo, unfair. yes it can be like a holiday item, but its also can be like rwt- i could spend 75 british moneys (forgot what they are called) on it, not even go to the fest, and get a flag that will at some point be the status symbole that sythes and rabbit ears yoyos are now. just doesnt seem right.

its like so many other things jagex does- its a kinda a good idea, isnt... really that bad... but has a crapload of little issues that ruin it. if i was running jagex, i would do things differently. oh, and considering the way they are reminding us the fest exists every day now, ud think it would be in early may or something... but its not till august.

im outa time, so im going to stop typing, but imo wikifest > runefest.

oil spill rant
[edit | edit source]

this is just plain awfull. its not getting the attension it deserves, aether. i usually support obama, but somebody seriously has to tell him that off shore drilling=disaster. bp is to blame also. at least, maby, this will wake up the idiots who insist offshore drilling is a good idea.

also was nice to watch goldmen sacs ppl getting yelled at.

postbags rant[edit | edit source]

i saw a level 90 the other day that didnt know what these where. seriously? has it been that long since we had a postbag? it should go update on monday first week, update on tuesday second week, update on wedsday third week. and then, on 4th week, a postbag and then a new month starts. and yet, its been months since we had a postbag. absolutly no excuse for this jagex.

late updates rant
[edit | edit source]

we just had a goddam no update week, teh update should come on monday. but whats this? jagex's fail selves cant get it out till WEDNESDAY! thats like the definition of failure. now its wednesday, and its STILL NOT OUT. W...T.........F.................

FT3 and bs[edit | edit source]

my rants page just bsed me. wouldnt let me edit, the damn thing

anyways. FT3 story sucked badly, too cartoonish and even disgusting at some points. the reward was ok, it looked good but wasnt usefull. the graphics where actually good, and the wise old man quest looks fail but maby at least it will have a construction update. now my entire computer is bsing me, so im gunna go figure out why. may make this bigger later.

jagex failed rant[edit | edit source]

ok, out of all these rants, this is by far the worst. after a no update week, we get a small to medium sized quest on thursday. and next week? another fucking no update week! even dungoneering didnt require that much of a hassle! seriously- if this small not even master quest requires all that, what will wgs2 require? a f'ing year? or will you throw out a fail quest with a hard boss to make it grandmaster and pat yourselves on the back as you did with nomads requiem?

this is a compete outrage. jagex should ALWAYS have a high level update on the first monday of the month, a medium one on the second tuesday, and a low level one on the 3rd wednesday, and the final week should be a no update week with a postbag. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY BROKEN THIS POLICY? im not making it up, thats how it used to be. mod mmg, i though u said you wouldnt babysit the developers anymore and instead use actual deadlines, like a real company, something jagex will never be. what about 1 high level content update a month? yea, sure, march had NONE. what about 1 no-update week a month? may had 2. jagex's word=not worth crap.

but we are all human, and make mistakes. we also admit to our mistakes. i would quit ranting if jagex would post an apology on the front page- an apology that says they have failed to keep their promises, there is absolutely no excuse for a fail of that sort, and that they are deeply sorry and will try their absolute hardest not to have it happen again.

oil spill rant[edit | edit source]

seriously? you idiots at bp and trans ocean cant fix this thing? your clueless about what to do? you think using a pipe to funnel 2% of the oil to the surface is really gunna help?

the oil is headed for florda. then what? new england? europe? the arctic circle? at the rate that bp and trans ocean's failed minds are working right now, we wont have a good, permanent solution for months. at least.

bp, would u kindly gtfo our world and take your deadly crap with you?

triumvirus virate[edit | edit source]

good target 4 rants:

  • its a forum game. it gives no rewards. whos gunna play it?
  • the fallen is copyed off transformers
  • choose your destiny is from starwars
  • reavers is only a few letters different from a certain character in starwars
  • dispite being rule breakers, reavers shouldnt break jagex's rules. failed attempt.
  • jmods are dictators of each faction. its like a teacher at school project: ok kids, to show u how branches of government work, we are gunna try and make a law for the classroom, but i can veto anything if i want to.
  • reavers, AKA bad guys, like change. this conflicts with the undisputed fact that conservatives are the badguys with liberals being the on the good side ;)

screwing around[edit | edit source]

it seriously annoys me, and so far this is the only wiki iv seen it on. the fake blocks where the worst, and thank god they are gone, but i still see it. its annoying for people who see it, reflects badly on the people who do it, and clogs up the pages they do it on.

late updates and tea partying[edit | edit source]

alllllright...... its monday, and no update? again? right after a no update week? serious fail, its just getting... so old. not funny anymore, not even pathetic or sad, just old.

as for the tea partyers, what is it? drill baby drill or obama is too close to big oil? are u going to england to bring ur movement there as u did a few weeks ago or are u complaining about how england overtaxed the us? are u asking obama to gtfo ur medicare or do u want it to stay just like it is right now- a government run program?

hoping i wont have to rant about tomorrows update...

ele workshop 3 rant[edit | edit source]

ok i havent actually done the quest, or even started the quest, so im not gunna rant about that. the font coloring thing is nice but not really helpful, and the darker colors are hard to see >.<.

i dont think jagex should keep re-opening classic. i benefited from the first reopening, but after next sept or whenever it is they should aether open it permanently or never open it again.

the oil spill is bad as always, hearing oil has reached shore. but one major positive threw all this is that rush limbaugh, sara palin, and glen beck seem to have shut up, and are no longer in the headlines. i dont blame palin, shes the "drill baby drill" girl, and drill baby drill is sorta mass-hated all across the country now. as for the other 1, maby the normal media has realized what clowns they are and given up on them. wouldnt be surprised, seeing as limbaugh just tryed to say the oil spill was an inside job, and unsurprisingly blamed democratic politicians.

ele workshop 3 rant and castlewars compliments[edit | edit source]

ok now i HAVE started the quest, and it is absolutly awful. worse then mornings end 2. meaningless, pointless, unnecessary, annoying, and boring puzzles are about all the quest has. take them out and u have a good quest about the same as the other ele workshop quests. keep them in and u have a quest MUCH harder then wgs or desert treasure, with less then 1 twentieth of the reward. iv heard the same developer who made this made mornings end pt 2, and im not surprised. the dimwit has now managed to ruin two excelliant quest sieres; with ele workshop being my favorite nub-mid level member quest series. i hope he keeps his hands off my mahjarrat, pirate, and zaros series.

on that topic, there isnt really a mahjarrat series, curse of arrav is part of the varrock series, temple at senntisten is part of the zaros quest series, tale of the musapa is part of the fremenik series, and missing my mummy is part of the desert series. im expecting the next majarrat to be part of the lucien series, and likely ruin that series.

as for castlewars, all i have is compliments. i forgive u for 1 of those no update weeks, and i cant remember the last time u updated 2 times in a week. the new armour does look a bit fail, but so did the old armour. the sheid is amazing, possibly the best peice of equippable gear in the entire game. the halos are cute, also.

tick tock bp, ever minute u waist u are torturing and murdering thousands of innocent lifeforms.

Israel and bp[edit | edit source]

ok im guessing most of u dont know i hate Israel, seeing as its been behaving and i havent had to rant about it. however, what they did a few days ago was completely unnecessary. those boats where carrying no weapons, and u know it Israel. search em all u want, and tell us what u find. u wont find any, though im sure u will add some to back up your story. thats how you are. also, why use metal bullets? maby the people on the boat did attack u- idk- but they wherent wearing any body armour or anything, rubber bullets would be just as good as metal bullets for keeping them under control. and why use navy seal type commandos? they are not ment for crowd control, they are ment for long, stressful operations behind enemy lines, often in secret, something you KNEW these guys wouldnt be doing.

bp is now saying the oil will continue to spill till august. AUGUST. that means oil will contaminating the gulf for several months more, and possibly the WORST possible months, seeing as it will be the hight of the hurricane season. the 'canes will blow the oil further into the wetlands, which will kill the wetlands, which will in turn allow hurricanes to go further onto land, which will bring oil to the further in wetlands, and repeat. this, imo, may be the worst disaster of my life time, maby even worse then sept 11th, if it isnt fixed till august. however, sadly, i do not see obama responding nearly as harshly against big oil as bush did against al quieda.

Israel[edit | edit source]

iv heard reports that their footage is reused, from years ago. the site its on is very liberal and may not be correct, but its worth noting.

insanity[edit | edit source]

this man is insane.

Helen Thomas[edit | edit source]

what she said was partly true. yes, the israel should "get the hell outa palestine", but going back to poland and germany? not the best solution. in addition to that, the words where badly choosen, reminding me of limbaugh. i do feel sorry for her though, as nobody would have to resign for saying that the palestinians should get the hell outa israel.

court cases[edit | edit source]

nothing much 2 rant about regarding this, other then the fact that its fairly useless.

more israel stuff[edit | edit source]

1 and 2. this is getting a bit off topic, so dont expect me to keep posting about stuff that happened years ago. but those just needed mentioning.

obama[edit | edit source]

obama needs to get harsher on bp. i didnt like bush much, he was stupid and easily manipulated by vp dick cheney and worse, but at least he knew how to get what he wanted. obama took forever with health care, and now seems to not know what to do about bp.

forums faq lies[edit | edit source]

jagex just called court cases "a unique type of d and d that u can only do once".


stop trying to call everything a d and d...
are ghostly robes not basically "a unique type of d and d u can only do once"? ur running around with the ring of visi, u see a ghost, ur distracted! that should be a d and d also!
is abyssal mage a d and d? ur mining rune ess, u see a strange zamorakian, u talk 2 him, and bam! ur distracted! its a d and d!


a d and d is something you do every week/day.
a miniquest is a task you do for yourself or an npc that can only be done, often not listed and often after a quest.
a quest is a offical task that you must do for an npc/yourself. can only b done once
champs challange is a d and d according to the manual.
FACT: champs challange can only be once, and is a d and d.
FACT: jagex said court cases was a unique (1 of a kind) d and d u can only do once.
FACT: jagex is lieing to us.
a miniquest is a unoffical task u must do for yourself/npc often after a quest. can only b done once
a minigame is like a d and d, but can be played at any time as much as u want.


Tony Hayward[edit | edit source]

how about u bring that boat down here to clean the oil rather then using it in a race.

jagex, irl issues, mcchrystal, obama, and bp[edit | edit source]

jagex, that was a HORRIBLE, UNCALLED FOR, ATTACK ON OUR ECONOMY. no1 had asked for the change, and yet, as usual, you forced it onto us. when we call for a roll back- dispite the fact that no harm would be done by rollbacking- you are ONCE AGAIN unable toughen up and admit you HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A COMPANY.

as for mcchrystal (sp?), even if you dislike the civilian leadership, its best not to say it. good job obama though, patraeus (sp? didnt try checking it) looks good for the job.

as for obama's other problems, his awesomeness seems to be rapidly fading. the wars are shifting for the worse, the recession is coming back, the oil spill still isnt fixed, and other, less important things such as the israeli problem, dont ask dont tell, etc are shoved to the bottom of the priority list. bp, you sicken me. its been 2 months now, and all your fat, lazy asses can do is race boats. the claims process is clearly broken, and the oil still isnt going anywhere. even the underwater robots are managing to cause chaos. still worse, we have no idea how much oil is out there. what if it continues to wash onto shore for months or years after- and if- the spill is stopped. as for a ban on offshore drilling, ofc it is unfair to blame all companys for bp's mistake. yes it is very unlikely that chevron or exxon will make the same mistake the dense idiots at bp did, but IF THEY DO, WE WILL BE LEFT WITH A 2-3-4+ MONTH GUSHER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. AT NO POINT SHOULD ANYONE EVEN CONSIDER CONTINUING DEEP WATER DRILLING. oh, and the judge who made that ruling had a large amount of money invested in the oil industry.

lastly, i may ranting less for a while, as i am going to be busy irl with writing class. because of this, i may also start using proper grammar and spelling in the future, just to get into the habit.

Tea partiers, not baggers[edit | edit source]

(Before reading this, i suggest that you be 18+.)

For god sake, get it right. you could feel sorry for the dense adults a few years ago, not knowing about what their teenaged kids are doing while away at colledge. But now its just disgusting. As bad as the tea party fad is, its not like this, and i wish main stream, professional adults in the media would get that, especially if they are reporting about it over the dinner hour.

Ohai[edit | edit source]

This statement means alot more then hi. As far as i can tell its almost never said by hardcore players in bandos with phats, nor is it usually said by players with under 1000 total. Many players who say it seem to be fans of a specific part of the game, such as farming or great orb project. In addition to this, its normally said by females, or males who are often around females. These people also often hang out in groups of 3-6 people, rather then alone or in actual clans. If you find someone in a group of 3-6 players, training farming, has over 1000 total, and says hai to you, I suggest you say bai and teleport as fast as you can. In my experience they will always be annoying, and if you are friends with them for several months, will start pushing to know where you live. Just observations....

Michael Steel[edit | edit source]

This man called the Afghanistan war "a war of Obama's choosing." Mr Steel, are you insane? Are you trying to destroy the republican party? things are going fairly well for you- the democrats are almost guaranteed to lose seats in both the senate and house this November, but seriously- who could vote for this mindless idiot after that quote? Members of his own party are even calling for him to resign, and i would be also if i was a republican.

This means that aether steel has forgotten that the war was started during the bush administration, in which case he is extremely dense and out of touch, or that he was simply trolling/lieing/betraying the republicans, in which case he should resign and issue an apology asap..

Little things that annoy me[edit | edit source]

First, when people change sexy to smexi to avoid the sensor. Smexi sounds disgusting. Its Sxc, not Smexi. About half my ignore list is people who made the mistake of saying "smexi" around me.

Secondly, when people change lumbrige to "lumby", or falador to "fally". L2spell. theres no "Y" in aether words. If you must shorten change it to lum or fala

Lastly, when people say "GF" when no fight has occured.

Clearly i am lacking stuff to rant about atm....>.>

RuneFest[edit | edit source]

You can no longer buy tickets to the runefest. Shame jagex didn't tell us, as I would have perchased one. Also shame they didn't tell us members got them for free, as i wasn't going to buy one untill i heard that. Kinda dissappointing that i could have gotten the best item in the game for free and jagex didn't tell me.

Forums[edit | edit source]

I was searching forums the other day, and i came across this senseless post:

"As some of you may know, Jagex will be releasing "Elite" clues in the coming weeks this month. The rewards sound promising and I really hope i'm able to obtain one of them for a REASONABLE price.
Heres where the problem starts.
The SECOND Elite clues are put into the game Merchers WILL take control of all of the rewards. People will be selling Dragon masks for 90m each and Holy armor for 200m. This is a GUARANTEED fact. Merchers will RUIN these rewards and they will be turned into Merchant Merchandise. Unless you have a spare few hundred mill, the chance of getting any of these new upcoming items, unless you go and get the clue and then complete it and get one of these rewards, is VERY SLIM.
So what i am asking Jagex is to make these new rewards UNTRADEABLE, because we do NOT need more items being abused by merchanters. Its just not fair that people with 10 sets of max cash have the power to hoard and overprice new items.
Want some proof? Just look at what happened to Royal crowns."


.....So you are afraid the TT rewards will be impossible to get unless you do yourself because of merchers, so you want to make them impossible to get unless you do yourself entirely? Riiiiggghhht......

As for crown, you can buy them for 30-70m with ease. If they were untradeable that would cost at least that much in lost time getting 99 hunt. Likely more.

Jagex Fails Hard[edit | edit source]

Completely and utterly disgusting, as well as overly dramatic and unrealistic. Whoever designed that and the other chat heads should be fired, and never go back into the business of animating/drawing.

Epic storm[edit | edit source]

Just had an epic storm where I live. Storm drains were shooting showers of water out like geysors, some 10+ feet high. I had never seen this in my life, and my mom, who is in her 40s and has lived here for a good chunk of hers also, hadn't seen it aether. This isn't really a rant, but its intresting. I'll start adding stuff like this to rants, and do away with the "how to run jagex" section. If you don't like this idea, post on my talk page.

Gf Tony Hayward[edit | edit source]

Yet another job lost because of the spill. Cya in russia ^^.

Late Update[edit | edit source]

should have updated on tuesday jagex...|}

Wikileaks[edit | edit source]

Is ownage. Obama, when someone gets secret information, they normally aether release it or give it back in return for money. Its not like they are going to give it back just to be nice....Well done wikileaks, US goverment got owned.

Jagex, L2update[edit | edit source]

You promised tt updates in July, and you have FAILED TO DELIVER. There is absolutely no excuse for this, and we should see a headline apology on the main page. But do we? No, you are far too arrogant for that.

You say the update was because of graphics trouble. Why do you experiment with new graphics on big updates? Just release old, basic graphics, and then come out with the better ones on a no update week/small update week. I DON'T KNOW WHY YOUR SMALL AND PATHETIC BRAINS ARE UNABLE TO GET THIS. And, even though you say this will mean that you "won't take your week off in august", we ALL KNOW YOU WILL. There will ALWAYS be some little issue that could EASILY be avoided but you choose not to or don't avoid it.

If you are capable of going a month without a week off then you should do it weather your behind schedule or not.

You could always...[edit | edit source]

...Release half the update. Yes. if the problem is with the lvl 4 clues, release the new rewards from lvl 1, 2, and 3 while holding off on the lvl 4s, or vice versa... its not that hard to do jagex.

Ok, just so that u know..[edit | edit source]

You don't count remodeling in a houses's value. Just saw this and was a little annoyed at both of them. Full treasure chest isn't hard aether, i could do it 3-4 times over. Masks, sants, etc were nice, though id sill love to see her lose em all (see how to run jagex, solution to merching).

Jagex fails now, and they wont admit it.[edit | edit source]

Ok, i should have ranted about this along time ago, but i didnt.

Jagex said that they didn't make the fairy watering can weildable because it takes time, effort, and money to deisgn a weildable item, make sure it fits with gear, doesn't bug, etc. But.. they did it with silver necklace, an item that is evidince of a crime in a quest and not even supposed to be worn. So why go to "all that work" and make it wearable?

You could say its because silver neck looks just like brass neck and gold neck. But if thats the case... why make defalt oak dung doors in the dungeon pits? Door hotspots are nothing new and would require no work to design..and yet Jagex couldn't add them.

Email adress[edit | edit source]

Any website that asks for your email adress isn't worth the time. Seriously, they expect me to create an email just for that? Not like id have one for any other reason......Stop assuming stuff websites.

Jagex your a terrible company[edit | edit source]

You break your agreements, your slow, you fail with your updates, you dont apologies for mistakes, you cannot swallow your pride, and you fucking edit. Absolutely no excuse what so ever for this crap.

Canceling membership[edit | edit source]

"And, even though you say this will mean that you "won't take your week off in august", we ALL KNOW YOU WILL. There will ALWAYS be some little issue that could EASILY be avoided but you choose not to or don't avoid it." - Me several days ago. Am i right? HELL YES! No excuse for this shit, and no excuse for not apologizing on the main page. Headline update. I demand it. Unless jagex updates today, which they wont, i will be canceling membership for an unknown amount of time.

Responses to jagex's post[edit | edit source]

"You may be expecting the last element of July’s Behind the Scenes, but we have had to delay this to the beginning of next week as we were also aiming to release a significant update to our graphics engine. If you’re interested in the details of what we’re doing, the last paragraph tries to describe it in a little detail." - Jagex

Ok, and why THE HELL are you updating the graphics on the biggest update of the year? If its going to be something that causes problems, dont do it for a big update! If this was the next void quest getting delayed like this would i cancel members? OFC NOT.


"Unfortunately, while we were doing our normal compatibility checks for the release on Friday and Monday, we discovered that we had degraded the performance of the ‘Software’ graphics mode significantly on some older processors. Because of this, we cannot launch the engine update as planned and, as such, we cannot launch the content update this week, since they are tied together by various graphical and scripting assets. Normally, we would spot a problem like this during our development processes, but, because our engine development PCs run relatively recent processors (the game server and associated systems requires a fair bit of performance to run!), we didn’t encounter it until this point in the testing process. " - Jagex

If its only a problem for old PCs, then GIVE US THE DAMN UPDATE. Fuck the older PCs, make just them wait instead of all of us. Then its a win-win-lose situation, rather then a lose-lose-lose situation. Its not like you can't patch the update for them later.

Also, even if you can't release any of it, RELEASE THE GAME GUIDE ARTICLE. I'm guessing 85-90% of these rewards will be in such high demand they will be unbuyable, so little difference. I honestly don't see why jagex doesn't do this- They would probably say "It will spoil the fun! Then what will you have to look forward to when the update comes out?"

To that i say we have waited, and you have failed. When you fail you shut up for a while, and do what the other person wants. Clear?!


" Hopefully this will mean that the last content update for July should only slip into the first week of August – this means that barring any other problems coming up, we will lose our “week off” at the end of August. More details on the coming month will be in the next Behind the Scenes out over the coming week."

So you are going to release two updates a week then?

August week #1- nothing

August week #2- I would say TT, but knowing jagex that wont be out for the next century.

August week #3- whatever was supposed to be in week 2.

August week #4- whatever was supposed to be in weak 3.

So what about whatever was supposed to be in week 4?

Jagex did manage to get it out on the first week. We'll see if they continue on schedule.


This is, officially, the worst thing jagex has ever done.

Avoidance[edit | edit source]

Ok this quest is a perfect example of what is good about jagex and what is bad about jagex. My main complaint is the puzzles seemed not only exessively annoying and unrealistic, but just unessary- at least with Ew3 there was a reason to do the puzzel, but with this, it just makes no since! If you need a barrel, buy one- don't spend hours kicking them around in a basement! Even if you want to do that, after you reach the barrel just pick the dang thing up! I can understand not being able to lift a full barrel, but an empty one? Peace of cake!

The good thing was the story- loved the twists and turns, how the sickness part became connected to the pest, and how Ali Tist was a red herring. However, whats up with the pests? Did more then one get away? Theres no way the pest could have escaped, gone to port sarim, then gone to karamja, then gotten captured, then gotten put in a costom trap that took a while to make AND be there long enough for the black knights to make the boxes, fill them, for Ali to sell them, A N D for people to start getting sick all in the 3-4 hours it took me to do the quest and a couple herb runs. Strange.

Destroy items[edit | edit source]

This is crap jagex, total crap. Why should we have to make different accounts, buy different memberships, all likely 100s of times, just to keep quest items that have destroy options?! IDFC if it increases your profit, I expect better. Destroy is a terrible idea, and whoever came up with it at jagex should be required to post a headline apology on the main page, give every player a chance to get destroy items from quests they have already done, replace all destroy items with drop, and LEAVE JAGEX FOR GOOD. Actually, no- LEAVE THE GAME DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS FOR GOOD!

Half right[edit | edit source]

Alright, so a little while back I prediced jagex could not release all 4 updates in august. Turns out they have, although 1 was a day late. I'll let you decide if this counts.

Regarding the conquest update, I love the new basic outfits. One of the better updates of the year. I haven't tried the minigame yet, and I'm not sure when I will though I'v heard thats good also.

America, what happened?[edit | edit source]

Of all republicans polled, 14% say Obama is a radical Muslim sympathizer, 38% think he likely is but arn't sure, 33% don't think he is but wouldn't be surprised if he was, and 7% think he defiantly isn't. This is insane, people! 1/2 of republicans think Obama feels sympathy for those who wish to destroy us! 1 outa every 2 republican you meet think that! Now, I would be calling the republicans idiots and this and that but they are about to gain a massive number of seats in the house and senate this fall, and possibly the presidency in 2012! I don't like to sound like those idiots on fox news who say the country is doomed, but seriously! 1/4 of people think our undisputed legit president wishes to destroy us!

Can you imagine that in the 1940s? Even Nixon, Carter, etc were not treated like this. People must realize that people can have different opinions without their opponent always being one who wants to destroy our country.

Football, halo[edit | edit source]

Ok, football first. The season starts in 3 days, so I think I'll post my first football rant. My prediction is that the saints will be dominate again, the colts will not recover from their epic choke in the superbowl, the vikings will be good but Farve won't be like last year, and the patriots will be better then this last year but nowhere near what they were in 2007. The thing I don't like about this is that this is without question the best vikings team ever, but the competition is- I think at this point- better then they are. I am a vikings fan and have been since I started liking football. I am also a patriots fan, but have mostly given up on them. By the time their defense becomes pro again, Moss and Brady will be gone. They could still win as they are better then when they won in 2001 (it was then right?), but I would be very surprised. The only good news is that the colts should be too shaken by their failure in the superbowl that they won't be able to compete, similar to the pats after the 08 loss. They could still be a good team and I almost guarantee they will get to the playoffs, but they may well be beat by the pats or other teams. No perfect seasons for the AFC, and likely not for the saints, as going to the superbowl twice in 2 years is simply too hard to achieve, and not for the vikings as they are worse then the saints.

Regarding Halo, I hate this game. Its too fake, too plasma and sword-ish rather then more realistic. To your credit, though, I do not own it and I have only played it a couple times. I also am a xbox hater, viewing both the ps3 and the computer as superior and the wii as inferior, though, again I don't own one.

Slayer: The worst skill ever[edit | edit source]

I really hate the way everyone is so in love with this skill. If you compliment slayer, you get loads of people agreeing with you, and high level players swarming around you telling you how much they have made off slayer. If you find someone with a slayer cape, follow them for a short while and notice how much praise they get. Even jagex themselves have said slayer is the most popular skill among both members and moderators.

This is all messed up. Slayer is a skill were you are ordered like some sort of slave by a "master" to kill innocent monsters who never did anything to you. If thats not bad enough, the xp is a nightmare and the cash a joke. As for fun, I would rather alch.

Slayers masters at all, but rather masters of failure. Tureal got destroyed by Lucien, as did Duradel. The demon in canifis is joke, after all, what kind of member over 20 combat wears an adamant platebody. The fairy also is a joke, and, judging by her size and the general reputation of fairies, couldn't survive much more then a few hits from anything over level 200. Vannaka got destroyed by Duradel, so what would Lucien do to him? Summona is a false idol, a wannabe compared with the likes of guthix, zaros, and even bandos. Last and possibly least is Kuradel, the arrogant and annoying girl who stole her fathers cape. She invaded the ancient cavern, a site that was semi-sacred to the barbarians and set up a circus of monsters there for no good reason. Did I mention she uses normal spellbook for combat?

The simple fact is that the money from slayer is vastly overrated. You lose far more money with slayer until about your about level 90+ in all combat meele stats. Even then, your better off killing bosses and green dragons. People realize this, buy they will counter that slayer is also good xp. Its clearly not as good as armoured zombies, monkey guards, or even bandits for that matter. Desperate people realize this, but will try to argue that slayer is fun. Well, it clearly isn't, and they will admit they would rather be pking, boss killing, playing minigames, etc. Thus, slayer is just over 9000% useless and a compete waist of time. End of discussion, m'kay? Or do you want me to bring up how meele biased it is. Or how it vastly inflates the egos of any level 100+ with dragon or bandos as he is swarmed by wannabes .

Football week two[edit | edit source]

Alright, we'll start with the Patriots, my favorite team. They lost to the New York Jets, which are big rivals of theirs. I'm not exactly shocked by this loss, though I wouldn't have predicted it. Last week the Pats leveled Cinci, a team far better then the NYJs. However, this is the look I expected from the Pats this year, not the look they had in '07. So I would call it a expected/unsurprising disappointment.

Now for the Vikings. Favre and the gang lost to Miami. This is very sad and far below them. I don't know if I should completely write them off for the season, but they don't seem anything like last year. Favre threw 3 intercepts today, more then he did in all of last year's home games combined. Sidney Rice is out, and that seems to be taking a major toll on them. Without him, their offense is unable to score enough to have the near-constant blowouts like they had last year in homegames. Jarred Allen doesn't seem to be the sack machine this year he was last year, though again, there is still a large amount of time for him and the Vikes to improve.

As for everyone else, theres not much to say here. Payton Manning is going to win against his brother, which is expected. Saints play 49ers tomorrow, and will likely but hopefully not win.

Now onto Newt Gingrich. Somebody needs to tell this man that Obama doesn't rage. Obama may be a socialist, communist, Muslim, kenyan, or whatever they are saying about him, but he is defiantly not a rager. And whys he call himself "Newt" anyways? His full name is Newton, and that sounds far less.. slimy.

Bed bugs[edit | edit source]

Ok, well, I don't know if you have heard about this, but anyways bed bugs are back. Thing I don't get is.... Why don't people just get water-beds? Bedbugs can't survive in water, and you can just wash your sheets and pillows to kill them. Seems really obvious to me, maby too obvious. If you see a glaring hole in my idea, by all means post it on my talk. Anyways.. thats it for now I guess.

Football week 3[edit | edit source]

Vikings first this time. They won at home, beating the Lions 24-10. This was a fairly good game, especially the second half. Adrian Peterson played well, and Mr. Favre improved, though he still threw interceptions and didn't seem in rhythm. They need Sidney Rice back, and until them I won't expect much more. We must also remember the Lions are a fairly bad team, especially when compared with playoff and dynasty teams such as the Colts and Patriots. Vikings have a bye week next week, which is good since they need that time for players to recover.

Next, the Patriots also won, this time 38 - 30. I didn't watch this game, so I won't be able to say much about it, although Mr. Brady's usual calmness still impresses me. I think that this will be an average year for the Pats, likely make the playoffs but not win the Superbowl

Saints lost, which is good, as now the only (good) team with a perfect season is the Steelers. As I expected, this season won't be nearly as high powered, offense driven, and dramatic as last year.