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3rd age polls archive[edit | edit source]

Poll: Obama: like him or hate him?

Results: 12 think he is great, and 6 think he is terrible.

Poll: If all meele armour costed the same, which would you buy?

Results: 5 would buy bandos, 4 would buy 3rd age meele, 6 would buy dragon, and 4 would buy barrows.

Poll: What do you think of when you think of the us?
Results: Overweight people with guns got 9, red white and blue, eagles, and freedom got 8, and Kentucky fried chicken got 6.

Poll: Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly?

Results: unfortunately, Olbermann got 2, and O'reilly got 8.

Poll: is Edvin's tool secretly a godsword hilt?
Results: 12 yes, 11 no.

Poll: who was the best 1900s president?

Results: FDR 6, JFK 3, Reagan 3.

Poll: Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity?

Results: Hannity got 2, O'Reilly got 8.

Poll: Should my userpage focus on politics, Runescape, or both?
Results: 1 for both, 0 for politics, 8 for runescape,
NOTE: this was not a guaranteed content poll, though it is likely that the results will have an impact on future decisions.

Poll: Whats the best girls headgear?
Results: Halo 5, tiara 1, hexcrest 3, cavalier 3.

Poll: Whats the best girls footwear?
Results: Sandals got 5, vyerwatch boots got 3, and circus shoes got 2.

Poll: What do you consider wealthy?

Results: 100k or less got 0, 1m-10m got 0, 11m-50m got 3, 51m-100m got 4, 101m-500m got 2, 500m+ got 3.

Poll: What do you think of how Obama is handeling the Israel-Palestinian problem?

Results: 1 person though he is too hard on the Israelis, 3 people though he was too hard on the Palestinians, and 4 people didn't know what I was talking about.