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Hi. This page lists what i would do differently from jagex when it comes to running runescape. Please make suggestions at the bottom, and don't forget to vote in the pole.

Bankspace[edit | edit source]

I believe that we should receive 500 bankspaces now- for both p2p and ftp. Next, for every new item that comes out, we should receive 1 bankspace- even if it is a quest item or minigame-only item.

Price floors, Roofs[edit | edit source]

Remove these entirely, and issue a headline apology on the main page for having made them in the first place. They are a terrible idea.

Destroy item[edit | edit source]

Replace every single destroy item with drop.

Updates[edit | edit source]

First week: mid level update takes place on Monday.

Second week: high level update takes place on Tuesday.

Third week: low level update takes place on Wednesday.

Forth and final week: no update week, postbag, behind the scenes

Then repeat.

Price Manipulation[edit | edit source]

First, make advertising a merch clan a mutable offense. Secondly, limit the number of rares you can have:

Up to 5 halfwines.

Up to 5 crackers.

Up to 10 of each kind of phat.

Up to 15 of each kind of Halloween mask.

Up to 15 santas.

Up to 20 easters.

Up to 20 pumpkins.

Up to 20 disks of return.

If any player had more then this number at the time of the update, those items would be removed from the game.

fix the herb glitch[edit | edit source]

If you log out and in alot, herbs can take far too long to grow. For example, being logged in for 10 minutes, logging out, and logging in for another 10 minutes will mean that herbs will take 3+ times as long to grow. Remove this right away.

fix longrange glitch[edit | edit source]

Viewing stuff at the edge of the screen is often inaccurate. For example, cannons appear to not be moving when they actually are, and players may appear to be facing you when they are actually facing the other way. This needs fixing.

Gop[edit | edit source]

First, the inactivity timer is great and all, but give the rewards for alters they play on even if they go inactive. For example, if I win every alter but am inactive on nature, dispite contributing largely to the effort and winning the game for my team, I get no tokens. If I quit on nat i should get tokens for all alters exept nature.

Secondly, kick out liar wizards. If i win every alter but don't touch any orbs, i get no tokens. Problem is, the wizards will say "You let (other wizard's name) get every alter?!" When in reality it was US who won every alter. This is one of the more annoying of the small problems.

Bank[edit | edit source]

If I was running jagex, i would not take any item from any players bank unless it was obtained via a glitch AND gave the person an obvious, unearned advantage. Bank removal would be considered to be a punishment equal to that of muting. If only a few items were removed, it would be like a 24 hour mute, vs perm mute= all items removed.

Gop[edit | edit source]

Make it impossible 2 break wands for the second half of the starting timer, as wandbreaking is as good if not worse then scamming.

Love story quest and con update[edit | edit source]

Fairly good here, but graphics could been better. Two big things for me would be 1) Make 1-2 new rooms for con whenever a new room comes out, and 2) The doors for the dungeon pit are automatically oak right now. They should be build-able like all the other doors in your dungeon.

Also seemed a little odd that Mabel asked you to close your eyes as she stepped out of the bag... laziness on the part of the animators perhaps?

Pmods[edit | edit source]

Player moderators' chat shouldn't appear if your public chat is off. Absolutely no reason for it it appear, and its very, very annoying when player moderators are having personal discussions that noone needs to hear appearing in your chatbox. I'd order this fixed within hours of becomig CEO of Jagex.

Forums[edit | edit source]

If i bump a thread and leave it at "you have just bumped this thread", and then I hit refresh on my computer, the dumb thing bumps the thread again, just because i hit refresh. This is annoying and partly my compulter's fault but jagex could also fix it.

Werewolves[edit | edit source]

if you attack one of these and run before it transforms, after it transforms you will run back toward it and attack it even if you don't have auto-retal on and were moving away. Fix it NOW.

Revenant[edit | edit source]

Jagex has said themselves they are not ment to be fought. and yet they are monsters. and they cannot be trapped for hunter. AETHER REMOVE THEM, OR GIVE THEM DROPS JAGEX. ONE OR THE OTHER.

Also firefox spellchecker needs to stop saying revenant and obama arn't words.