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This page has information on my runescape character: Some of it is serious, some of it isn't.

Information:[edit | edit source]


Born: Draynor village, Misthalin (fanon)

Date of birth: Gullday, the 27th of Bennath, year 1421, 5th age at 12 minutes past rune. (fanon)

Occupation: fletcher, mage (fanon)

Hobbies: hunting for magical artifacts, home improvement, Gardening, research

Residence: 1995 avarrock road, Yanille, Kandarin (fanon)

Status: single (fanon)

Religion: Zarosian (fanon)

Family: unknown, however Grandpa jack lives in north Hemenster.

Crest: Kandarin

Star sign: Scorpio


Favorites: (all favorites are fanon)[edit | edit source]

Food: Summer pie

Color: Zilyana blue

Person: Azzanadra 

Song: Zaros Stirs

Author: Nestor Peregrine 

Minigame: Castle Wars

Quest: Temple at Sennisten, While Guthix Sleeps, Desert treasure.

City: Varrock, Yanille, Edgeville

Weapon: Staff of Armadyl

Armour: Armadyl armour

Item: Blurite sword

Least Favorites: (all least favorites are fanon)[edit | edit source]

Food: Worm hole

Color: brown

Person: Fairy General

Song: Adventure

Author: Drozal

Minigame: Mage training arena

Quest: Elemental workshop 3, Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift, Mornings end part 2

City: Zanris, Arposandra, Meiyerditch

Weapon: Dragon claws

Armour: All dungeoneering armour

Item: Weeds

Physical Description:[edit | edit source]

Hair: black

Skin: light

Weight: 118 lbs (fanon)

Height: 5'7 (fanon)

Eyes: green

Gender: female

Race: human

Age: 27 (fanon)